Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai’s Facebook Suddenly Blocked 30 Days, Nick Facebook Continued To Be ‘flying’

Facebook of Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai with greenery with more than 327,000 unexpected tracks blocked 30 days from August 18 because of the reporting with 5 articles violating 'Community standard'.0: 00/1: 43 South Southern Almonds 18/8, Personal Facebook page of Ngoc Hai unexpectedly blocked 30 days, since someone reported 5 African articles "Community standards". This means that Mr. Hai cannot post a new or comment on his green-green personal page within 30 days

. It is known that Mr. Hai's Facebook page has a green area with more than 327,000 tracks and activities About this 7 months. He often posted information related to the "Fund for Fellow" activities with full milestones, the place, the amount of receipt and spending,
.. to help the poor.Facebook of Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai blocked 30 Day. However, although the old Facebook page was blocked, Mr. Hai was quickly being used to open a new Facebook page. Here, he had articles, continuing to update his volunteer journey. Besides, let people not be wild, Mr. Hai also returns to a short video longer than a minute to talk about this incident
"I hope your child watches the fanpage page to interact spread to Everyone, to join hands to help the poor in the coming time. All Facebook, my fanpage page is set for the only purpose of helping the poor, "Mr. Hai said. The fact that he had a new Facebook account. It is related to this issue, many netizens say that the green area of Ngoc Hai delegates are blocked because he posted some pictures of children took bare. Besides, everyone also welcomes his new Facebook page, hoping he will continue to volunteer journey. However, more than 8am 19/8, the new Facebook page of Hoi Doan Ngoc Hai continues "Flying" when operating has not been 24h. It is still unknown why this Facebook page is locked. The new Facebook page of Hai continues to be locked unknown causes.

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