Mr. Donald Trump Fell From The Richest America Of Forbes

This is the first time Mr. Donald Trump fell out of this position for the past 25 years of 9: 00/1: 50 real estate bosses - former US President Donald Trump for the first time fell from the list of 400 richest countries in the country. America of Forbes 400 after 25 years. US $ 2.5 billion assets are not enough to take Mr

. Trump on the list of America's richest people that Forbes announced this year. American President Donald Trump. Photo: Sky New Fall, Mr
Donald's property owns less than the last position, 400 million USD - Location belongs to Warren Stephens, Owner of Investment Banking Arkansas. Forbes said billionaires 75 The age still maintained the property as a year ago - when he was 339 - since the epidemic Covid-19 broke out, his assets fell $ 600 million. While properties such as electronic money and technology stocks of real estate bosses increased sharply in recent months, real estate - accounting for the majority of Trump's assets did not grow. This information, Forbes magazine "Fencing": "If Mr. Trump is looking for someone to blame, he can start with himself." Billionaire - former US President has reached the list Forbes annually in 1996 to 2020. Before that, he was also named in the Forbes 400 list since 1982 - 1989. The leaders in the field of technology dominated the top rankings on the list. In 2021 of Forbes. Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos led the list with net assets estimated at 201 billion
Tesla and Spacex Elon Musk stood in second place with an estimated assets of 190.5 billion USD. Founder - CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and founder Microsoft Bill Gates are two names that serially the leading positions list. According to Forbes, former President Trump is not the only one eliminated from this year's list. A total of 51 people, including famous billionaires such as Oprah Winfrey's "Talk-Show Queen", also fell off the rankings.

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