Mr. Duc Plans To Get Married But The Reaction Of A New Girl’s Girl Is Noteworthy

On social networks, Uyen has just had a move on the fact that he wanted to get married to get married.0: 00/1: 35 South of the South was just a person to solve the sentence of Tran Thanh: "What do you think about the German actor? ", my girlfriend also regularly shares the love image with the German," crane "on social networks that makes many people not envy. The two have new developments when the Germans many times want to organize marriage, but because this intended disease must be postponed. At the side of her girlfriend, she also had reactions about marriage with a lover. The latest image of Uyen to share 18/8, Uyen to share the image of her and her boyfriend When going out

. From costumes, gestures and eyes for each other can see the Utility and British Germany in the dates of love very deeply. Perhaps so Uyen is also known that people are very interested in their affection and marriage plan. Funny humor implies that Ban Anh Duc has not yet said to me: "What happened So now
What must be slowly. Do you ask me yet? " Many people have previously been able to show their personal opinions about family members: "Many people become better, have a healthier lifestyle and their family are among them. He knows. He knows. Go cooking market, know more about family attention! What you expect the most is a change in thinking, thinking to all back to its trajectory! For the final purpose is just a family The completeness of wisdom, loving and kindness. Diary of the day of distance ", she writes a bowl - an actor British actor born in 1991, not the person in the showbiz. Previously, it was showing off the message of asking, interested in his mother Germany for himself. Can see the Uyen is also very popular with parents "boys".

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