Mr. Hun Sen Supports Son To Become A Prime Minister

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen expressed his support for his son Hun Manet, 4-star military general, becoming the leader of the country through the election. The Prime Minister Cambodia Hun Sen (left) and his son Hun Manet at a base Military in Phnom Penh in 2009. Photo: AFP. "I supported her son to become the successor, but must go through the election, not in any other way," said Prime Minister Hun Sen to spoke at a sue in Sihanoukville coastal city today. 4 stars Hun Manet, 44 years old, is the Deputy Commander of the Cambodian Royal Armed Forces and Infantry Commander, has been trained in England and America

. Age, usually describes the achievement of the children as the product of education and training. Cambodian people expect to vote for the prime minister in 2023. However, Mr
Hun Sen said that the way to become a prime minister His son may be a decade and does not mention his retirement plan. Hun Sen is one of the world's longest leaders in the world, took the right 36 years. In 2018, Hun Sen's party won all seats in the National Assembly after the Supreme Court dissolved the opposition party to rescue the Cambodian nation a year earlier. Many former opposition party members are arrested in recent years. Huyen Le / VNE (AFP)

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