Mr. Luong Van Thanh Has A Malignant Brain Tumor That You Read For More Than 36 Million Vnd

'Thanks to the help, my brother has a condition to continue healing. Thanks to the newspaper, thanks to the exacinent hypocrisy'.0: 00/1: 40 nam southern. Poor parents urgently ask for a boy to get rushed brain tumors "when receiving the amount of 36,463,568 copper because you read the support, be transferred to VietNamNet for family account. Luong Van Thanh (Que Tuyen Quang) The brain is known to have extremely puzzled circumstances, from a small epilepsy, weak health, but the house is too poor, there is no money to curage

. The British family belongs to the difficult in the commune. All year-round lives only depends on shifting, hungry meals. The house has 5 brothers and sisters, in which all married separately, only the bar live with their parents
From a young age, Mr. Thanh has epilepsy, often facing dangers. Even so, he still tried to go to Bac Ninh as a worker, earned his money to help his parents. One day, while he was working, he suddenly fainted, visiting the detection in the brain with a malignant tumor. Boys with violence made Mr. Hien's family, she was beautiful with. The capital does not have enough to eat, now the son is in danger, the grandparents find enough ways to manage and don't have money for the surgery. Running everywhere, they borrowed 20 million VND. She herself is beautiful with severe heart disease, can't do anything, weak health. The whole house is only 3 acres of lands, it is not sold
In the moment, the family falls into the most difficult scene, the lucky bar is lucky to receive timely help from readers VietNamNet. "Currently, he is still lying Tri in Provincial Hospital. The doctor said there was no surgery because it was necessary to follow and evaluate. My family is extremely touched by everyone's heart, "said Luong Thi Kim share.

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