Mr. Park And Viet Nam Fans Need To Give Up The Habit Of Referee Reactions

Coach Park Hang Se is a good holder, Vietnamese fans are very passionate. But both have a bad thing that is the referee reaction. HERE, VFF has a letter to FIFA. VFF says: "The Vietnam Football Federation proposed FIFA and AFC strengthened the inspection and assessment of the arbitration quality to have an effective operating solution in the coming rounds to ensure images and prestige of the tournament ". It will be difficult to reply to VFF about stories related to the arbitration decision

. Many other Football Federations also sends a single to FIFA but do not receive feedback. Back with the arbitration story of Vietnam, VFF's reaction is probably unnecessary, because there are issues that need to be More resolved is to send a letter to FIFA. Straightly speaking is the arbitration to captivate Vietnamese recruitment matches that are under great pressure because of the polity of Vietnamese fans on social networks
Even the referee must defend the body by "locking" Facebook before the ball rolling. Funeral or wrong is not clear, the Vietnamese fans also choose to track the apparic Facebook to react. This story happens during the past 4 years. As a result, many referees are difficult to sympathize with Vietnam recruitment. Another case is Park Hang Seo coach, he regularly reacts to arbitration and receives a punishment card.HLV Park Hang SEO has 4 times of penalty cards because of a response Finally, Mr. Park was banned from directing the UAE - Vietnam match in Table G in the second round of World Cup 2022. Mr. Park referee reacted in Vietnam to win Malaysia 2-1 and penalized yellow cards. The Korean Military Housing received the first yellow card in the Thai 0-0 match against Vietnam in September 2019
In 2019 in 2019, Mr. Park was with a yellow card in the semi-finals with U22 Cambodia. The final with U22 Indonesia, Mr. Park was received a red card. It was definitely the bad habit of Coach Park Hang Seo when regular referee reactions. And this will leave an impression not good for the referees with Mr. Park. Despite or not, Vietnam recruitment must accept the final decision of the referee. Coach Park Hang Seo, Vietnamese fans or VFF is unable to change that. Behavior, the reaction only makes everything worse. Because the referee is part of football, and the reaction and criticism they are missing Fair-play action. So, the most important thing is Vietnam football to improve the image of Fair-play when thinking Going to becoming a football powerhouse in Asia. Coach Park Hang Seo and Vietnamese fans must quit bad habits as the referee reaction!

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