Mr. Park – Eye Of The Heart Of Aff Cup

Many have called the head coach as teacher recruitment Vietnam Park. That shows he has great location in the heart of the country's football fans AFF Cup shelf nha.Truoc 2020, Mr. Park welcome bad news when Hung Dung Do not join "conquered" this time for reasons relating to the procedures of the host country Singapore stage Covid-19 raging epidemic. But the news was actually quite a fun, if you look in terms of force protection area cuc

.Ap AFF championship CupTuyen Hung Dung of Vietnam, the ability to use him sometimes also after his attempt Park Board the first is intended for semi-finals and finals. Absent Hung Dung, Vietnam Football fact proven themselves by other factors in the midfield to avoid the heavy dependence on one individual. Moreover, Hung Dung also have time to complete the recovery process is better, more thorough and careful hon
Nhung people still talk about wilderness Hung Dung, for the simple reason that everyone is waiting on Vietnam team to successfully defend the championship. We were taking part is to set ambitious, who kicked for fun ever, especially when the tournament affordable. And from the great interest in the ability to protect the championship, the question arises: Suppose, if we do not win the Cup, Mr. Park deserves whether wave of criticism or not? .Chuoi failure in 3rd World Cup qualifiers showed Vietnam fans are out of the game condition from which reviews about the coach. No one criticized Mr Park chain because all else failed he understood it too much domestic football nha.Nhung failed in the AFF Cup, it was a different story. For several years, we have been accustomed to thinking Vietnam team is the strongest team in Southeast Asia today, but forgot the hands of Mr. Park, we do not have billions of won Thailand once in the official matches. coach Park Hang-seo had a duty to protect the AFF Cup championship
Photo: Ming Chien.Chinh attitude issues with Park Hang-seo on past success stories - This failure causes us to go to the overview and more objective about the contributions of national chief coach throughout recently. An objective assessment would be enough for us to have the right attitude and ink also reduces somewhat the pressure on himself Park, as well as many coaches are active in international football nha.Thuc water, since Changzhou feat, had a lot of people worship him as the idol Park. Their credo is: He does everything right and Park No Mr. Park, the Vietnam Football not get the achievement as a few years ago. How they look on the merits Mr. Park not wrong, but outrageous. And the excesses that sparked a lot of controversy unhelpful during qua.Phai admit, coach Park has brought a new vitality to the national team since he started to work. How to organize his team is extremely good atmosphere of public players are integrated into the way the look cuc.Neu players teasing each other on the social network, we will see very clearly that without certain intimacy, can not tease each other like that. That closeness has never affirmed Vietnam team unity In any football day, which can between elected Germany to vote Show still some "drama" that media are interpreted as a confrontation, then of the "pet" of rugby fun, relaxed, happy, and carefree with the troops home affairs elected Display shows positive national team to some extent. It was the expression of the players mature, professional, and political personality clear. Have to say, we feel fulfilled because Vietnam team no factions, which many teams in the world suffer silently phai.Su support from fellow team spirit nghiepNgoai was out, the training workers in Vietnam also acknowledged his expertise Park very well, especially in the ability to organize the defense. Vietnam team was much loved by proxy are Quang Hai, the Phoenix, but in fact the strength of its platform than the Southeast Asian region is the quality of defense. These are achievements that can hardly be denied because it appears in the gameplay and the results on the field, not just the mere comment or praise top moi.Nhung if looking at the positive aspects that the measure is bringing the title to say his reach Park who has the sole, or most, for this progress, it is a little too far right. Mr. Park evoke for potential fire flared up, not a hand strong enough to twist the outcome of the current Vietnam football. Excessive worship Coach Park after he was hurt, because it only creates the pressure and flow of public opinion chieu.Kha accidental extreme left Vietnam when recruiting troops in preparation for the AFF Cup, the coach Hoang Anh Tuan receive liability national U17 coach. Sure we have not forgotten that the coach has the same age players Quang Hai, Van Hau, Ha Duc Chinh ... today go to the World Cup finals U20.Nhieu people look at this achievement with eye plates

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