Mr. Trump Can Win The Google, Twitter And Facebook Sues?

Law professionals analyzed the opportunity to win former US President Donald Trump in lawsuits against Google, Twitter and Facebook.0: 00/5: 32 Nuoc Nghiep Trump was twitter, Facebook and YouTube account immediately after When protesters supported the US Congress headquarters, causing deadly riots on Capitol hills on January 6, because he was worried that he could provoke more violence. President Donald Trump. Photo: VOX Leaders of the White House on July 7 filed a lawsuit of all three managing the above social platforms to the Federal Court in Miami, with the reason the defendants violated the first criminal , Censored him and other conservative characters illegally. The move marked a new turning point in the persistent war between him and the world technology giants

. However, the Law scholars said, Mr. Trump was hard to win against.Paul Barrett, Deputy Director of the Center Stern Enterprises and Human Rights of New York University explained in The Guardian newspaper that: "Mr
Trump cited the first credis as a base of the lawsuit was completely wrong. The first constitutional constitution applies to work Government censorship or speech regulations. It does not prevent private sector corporations to manage content on their platforms ". According to Section 230 of the Communications Standard Act in 1996, the background Social networks are allowed to arbitrarily censorize their services, as long as they are acting with "goodwill". The general law also exempted Internet companies for documents that users posted. However, Mr. Trump and other conservatives have long argued that Twitter, Facebook and other social networks has abused that protection measures and need to be stripped of exemption or at least to gain exemptions by meeting the requirements set by the government. Three lawsuits require a court forced to defend Must reimburse unknown losses, declaring Section 230 is a constitutional violation and restoring the former President's social network accounts as well as of other plaintiffs including a few people who have deleted posts or Disabling personal accounts. Crossed the past decades, Eric Goldman, Law professor at the University of Santa Clara in California has studied more than 60 similar cases but failed in efforts for Internet companies because it was terminate or suspend the user's account. He said, Mr
Trump's lawsuits are unlikely to go away. Goldman's skepticism is doubted by the former president in a certain hand to reverse the situation. This scholar believes that Mr. Trump may be pursuing lawsuits to attract the attention of public opinion and convey the message, that he is against the "Icefery technology giants in Silicon Valley". Time for government leadership, Mr. Trump last year signed an executive decree against Section 230.Verva Eidelman, a lawyer working for the American Civil Federation (ACLU) also has the same views. This expert said that Mr. Trump's lawsuits are "useless" because large social networks are private organizations, which are granted control of the content they publish. Mrs. Eidelman noted that Mr. Trump announced unfounded that the above social networks have followed the pressure from the government in censusing their content. When the antitrust fighting war continues, already has these The discussion on how to solve the power and great effects of technology giants to users. However, the idea of how to solve the problem is very different. According to experts, Mr. Trump's lawsuits are not really related to antitrust issues. For current, Facebook, Google and Twitter refused to comment on new movements. " An important debate is posed, about the types of obligations that the first criminal can impose to private organizations that have a lot of influence on public discussion activities, as well as self-level Due to the National Assembly in adjusting the activities of those private organizations. However, Mr. Trump's complaint is difficult to add something to this debate, "said Jameel Jaffer, Executive Director of the First Foundation Institute Knight of Columbia University commented. Evan Greer, Come From the organization of digital rights "struggle for the future", accusing Mr. Trump's moves to distract "legitimate concerns" about censorship of random content that has negatively affected How can the community be disadvantaged. "Although it was silly when pretending that the censorship decisions of large technology firms don't have a significant impact on freedom of speech, but the first crediel allows these The private platform provides the censorship decision they want as non-governmental organizations. This is not a lawsuit. This may be a fundraising plan, "Ms. Greer said. Reality, since leaving the White House, Mr. Trump has opened several times to open the presidential re-election in 2024. During the advertising campaign aimed at 2024. Fundraising for the Republican Party in early June

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