Mr. Trump Fell From The List Of 400 America’s Richest People

With estimated assets of $ 2.5 billion, former US President Donald Trump no longer the name on the list of 400 America's richest people in Forbes magazine this year.0: 00/1: 10 South Central is the first time Donald Trump fell from Forbes's rankings for the past 25 years. According to this magazine, he also lacked 400 million USD to reach the listing limit. Last year, this billionaire ranked 339, lagging from 275 years 2019

. US President Donald Trump. Photo: ReUTer of former US president has decreased by USD 600 million since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic, mainly due to capital real estate, most of his property blocks affected by epidemics. In Forbes's 400 rankings 400 Americans this year have the names of many names in the field of technology
Founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos led the list with a net asset 201 billion USD. Elon Musk of Tesla and Spacex ranked second with the assets of about 190.5 billion USD. Next is the CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.Donald Trump is not the only one who fell from Forbes's 400 list this year. Up to 51 people in the same scene, including many famous billionaires such as "Talk-Show Queen" Oprah Winfrey.Thanh Hao

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