Mr. Trump Said Straight Due To The Afghan Army Lost To The Taliban

Former President Trump said that the Afghan government army fights only to receive high wages and once the United States left, they could not motivate Taliban. "I knew they wouldn't fight. I used to say , 'Why do they have to fight?', 'What's the reason Afghan soldiers fight against Taliban?' And I get a lot of bad information from many different people, "said former US President Donald Trump to interview Fox News on January 17th / 8. According to Mr. Trump, no one, even the most pessimistic people may think that the entire Afghan troops have collapsed so quickly

. The US predicts that Taliban occupies Kabul needs to be up to 90 days, but they have not taken a week to do it again. TRUMP speaks straight due to the Afghan troops lose to the Taliban. Source: Politico "The fact that they are in the world's highest paid soldiers
They fight for money, because once we stop and leave, they also stop fighting. The reality is their country I'm spending too much for Afghan soldiers, "said Trump added. Being known, before that, the US budget approved Afghanistan in the period 2021-2022 to 4 billion USD. The disbursement work is continuing, the Kabul government collapses before the Taliban.In the first interview since the Taliban took over Kabul, Mr. Trump said no one handed over the withdrawal of worse than Joe Biden. "I believe I believe This is the biggest shame in our country's history, "said Trump said (the image of Mr. Trump when visiting unexpected US soldiers in Afghanistan in 2019). Trump President said that the Afghan army fights only To receive high wages. Source: Internet Low two decades of US fighting in Afghanistan, Mr
Trump said that military intervention campaign in Afghanistan in October 2001 was the "worst decision once given", he said the US should only replied Paid the 9/11 attack with air strikes instead of pouring the troops here. While the Pentagon, even though she had prepared the Taliban script to earn the advantage after the US withdrew the troops, they did not expect a speed The collapse of the Afghan army is so fast that the United States has evacuated thousands of Afghan people out of Kabul, however the number of people who are evacuated is too large, some NATO members are actively in the United States to go Transfer of foreign citizens and Afghan people out of Kabul. It is known, since opening a military campaign in Afghanistan in 2001, the US invests nearly 83 billion USD to train and equip water security forces this. However, when the forces led by the US from Afghanistan, Taliban attacked the territory as fast as the storm, while the government troops resisted weakly, many units quickly let go of the surrender gun. This 300,000 people collapsed in just a few weeks, despite the advantage of experience, numbers, funds and equipment compared to the enemy. The Taliban entered Kabul without any resistance from the Government force on August 15 and took power in Afghanistan. The expert with the issue of the Afghan government troops were not in training or gas supply activities talent, which is in a state of weak management of local level, corruption. Because even the number of actual troops are not up to 300,000 according to the report, some officers deliberately declare the "ghost army" to be able to corrupt soldiers. On the other hand, many commanders who have surrendered the Taliban or quickly re-run, making the soldiers spirit without fighting. Moreover, many soldiers of Afghanistan's task force wanted to fight, but their commander ordered the surrender, even stripped the gas so they could not fight before the Taliban.Hà Linh ()

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