Mr. Trump’s Social Network Attracted Billions Of Dollars To Invest

Trump Communications and Technology Group (TMTG), owned by former US President Donald Trump recently mobilized $ 1 billion of investment in USDA.02: 00/2: 18The Namtheo, the amount will be spent On creating Truth Social Social Network. Former President Trump said such investments showed that Americans were too tired of political censorship and discrimination, which meant ready to start the new platform. Former US President noted, users will not be discriminated on the basis of political ideology. Mr

. Trump also affirmed that his company will become more and more stronger to fight the big technology man (Big Tech). Calculating investors are not published in the 4th anniversary of TMTG Corporate Digital World. US President Donald Trump
(Photo: Alex Brandon) Notice on the TMTG website, said that the above capital will come from "a diverse group" investors after TMTG and Digital World merged. According to the plan, TMTG will become public Public listing company through merger deals with Digital World - a public company.Digital World is a special-purpose acquisition company - the form of the company is made with the only purpose of mobilizing capital Through publishing shares for the first time (IPO) to acquire a private company. Dong Trump will receive a shares worth tens of millions of dollars if the merger company works well. Before that, after leaving the White House, Mr. Trump faced many reduced investigations and assets, for the first time to fall out of the list of 400 richest Americans in October 2021. Before, on October 20 , former US President Donald Trump in the next announcement he will release his own social network called Truth Social to fight Big Tech companies like Twitter and Facebook which banned him from their foundation. Fox, Truth Social Social Network is expected to launch the full version in the first quarter of 2022. This will be the first stage in the three-stage plans of the company, followed by the required video registration service TMTG names will provide news, entertainment and podcasts. The final goal of TMTG is to compete with AWS cloud services of Amazon
com and Google Cloud.In Trump has been banned from using the majority of social networking platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, at the beginning of the following year The riot at Capitol electricity on January 6. After leaving the office, Mr. Trump operated a blog with a similar style Twitter. However, this blog closes after a month of operation.

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