Mr. U80 Wrote A Hand Letter To Thank The Neighbor To Bring The Rice Between The Season

Knowing the oldest neighbor to live alone in the middle of the Covid-19 season in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Phan Mai Ngoc Yen's mother often cooks rice and put it to the meal with the same.0: 00/3: 14 nam days 14-8, Talking with Ho Chi Minh City Law, Ms. Phan Mai Ngoc Yen (Loi Ward 13, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City) Sharing the past few days, her family is happy to receive a hand letter of Nguyen Manh Thanh.

. Yen said that the bar is the family's perennial neighbor. Currently, he is living alone, with a long time to visit. From Ho Chi Minh City applied in Directive 16, it was difficult for travel, so I couldn't see their relatives visiting the sound of the sound
My house (blue gate) adjacent to the Tools Tools. Knowing to live alone, Yen's family is very interested in care and care. Photo: NVCCThe Anchor Old Instrument, July 12, Ms. Mai Thi Sen, Ms. Yen's mother, Learn, know the disease, eating hard. So she came home to cook porridge. She quietly left a porridge and the hand-sent hand. However, the self-esteem does not accept porridge. The next day, Ms. Lotus thought how to say that someone who acquainted money to worry about the water rice
At 14-7, Sister Yen's family was extremely unexpected when he received a thankful hand letter. Annoy Thanh writing sent Ms. Yen's mother with the content: "Nearly half a month, I ache, sleeping night, just drinking milk, do not dare to eat and digest, digestily disorder. The past two days, gets her for food. For not much but the miraculous effect: After the first meal, feeling less painful, no longer afraid of the pain as before. Human affection, she helped very precious, no thank you deserved. Currently, the disease I have been pretty much, the night can sleep, near recovering as before the way of stretching ... ". The letter, the instrument that itself is strong, the house is available, so it doesn't dare to bother Yen Dinh Yen. However, Mr. Yen's mother still persistently cooked rice, sent to the instrument. Letter of the bar sent to her mother to thank you. The first picture, the wrong writer on 14-7-2021 to 14-7-2011. Photo: NVCC from it, every 10-11 hours a day, Ms. Sen put rice to the bar. Thanked first of her family's heart, on July 28, the bar continued to write a hand letter. In the second letter, the instrument praised her sen's talent and decided to ask neighbors to continue put Rice. This letter has a paragraph: "Seventy years of market porridge rice, I have never been eaten well as these days. Thanks to eating rice, it was quick to endure the pains that followed each other and the night ... Well, she would be happy, asking for a few more days. " At the same time, he also applied for a fee for not being afraid of neighbors. The letter was attached with a double cooking oil bottle, fish sauce ... that the instrument was supported by the local. Ms. Yen, every letter of the bar was heavily in love with sincere words, beautiful words neatly, respecting people Receive. "Because of the hearts, so later, the two sides often write a letter to talk back and forth. Family plans to cook rice for the end of the way. Recently, the ward has a vaccination organization for the elderly. My mother knows that the letter has a reminder and opposite to let me take the instrument, but you're afraid of injection, "- Sister Yen said.Is, Ms. Yen's family in the bar also comes from the daily life very emotional. Before translating outbreaks, every morning - afternoon, it was regularly scanning the yard for neighbors. There are no fluids and bars often scan the yard for neighbors. Photo: NVCCThu Yen said what her family to eat, cooking for the food like that. However, the food for the instrument will be wedged to be pale, cooked more. Older, eat less, so my family doesn't feel troublesome. In contrast, the family feels very happy. Currently, the cooking of rice for neighbors is still maintained by Lotus every day. Family also looking forward to the translation to have more relatives to take care of and support single anchors.

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