Mr. Vuong Hoi Is In Korea, North Korea Still Shot 2 Ballistic Missiles

North Korea 15-9 shot 2 ballistic missiles amid Chinese Foreign Minister Wang to Korea to discuss nuclear negotiations related to Pyongyang.ap to the Welding Chief of Staff Quoc (JCS) said 2 ballistic missiles were shot from Central Korea at noon 15-9 (local time). The Japanese Sea Police said they fell outside the privilege of Japan, in the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga condemned Pyongyang's missing missile test Safety of Japan and the region. He emphasized Tokyo will continue to raise the vigilance and closely monitoring to prevent the uncertainty case

.Seoul declares Korean and American intelligence agencies that are analyzing the latest Korean missile tests. One of Korea's missile test was published by KCNA on September 13. Photo: KCNA here 2 days, North Korea also launched a long-range cruise missile, described by the Korean state media as "strategic weapon with great meaning"
Rocket flying about 1,500 km, can reach US and Japanese military bases. Many experts say recent missile tests show that North Korea is seeking to strengthen weapons in the context of deadlock Regarding nuclear negotiations with the United States. The rocket test on September 15 took place between the time of the Chinese Foreign Minister Wanding to Korea to discuss nuclear negotiations that are stalled in relation to Pyongyang. AP Comment This is considered unusual because North Korea is rarely "provocative actions" when China is participating in a large diplomatic event. At the meeting, South Korean President Moon Jae-in told Mr. Vuong That he appreciated China's role in promoting international diplomatic efforts to solve Korea's nuclear deadlock, and ask Beijing to continue to support. In response, Mr. Vuong called for strengthening bilateral relations between Beijing and Seoul. President Moon said the Korean government plans to organize a unexpected National Security Council meeting on September 15 .

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