Mrs. Van Quang Long Singer Choking About Her Merciful Husband On The Occasion Of Daughter Birthday

'The two years of Helen was in the United States in the United States but still called on the birthday and the year of Helen was three years old ...', the commune tried to singer Van Quang Long Tam 9: 00/1: 32nam Northern in December 1220, information Singer Van Quang Long died at the age of 41 because the stroke caused many people to not be shocked and delicate. After nearly a year of death, the ash of the male singer was brought about resting on their homeland

.Mang here, his wife two of the singer - Linh Lan had just had an emotional post on the personal page, choked Remember about the hidden husband. Accordingly, on August 18 was the birthday of the youngest daughter of debt. Mrs
Xa Anh manually decorated his daughter's birthday, the two mother and mother welcomed the cozy birthday but lacked the love of the father's love. Simple birthday party of her youngest daughter tried to singer Van Quang Long. Ms. Van Quang Long singer choked of choking about the merciful husband on the occasion of a daughter's birthday. Lan Lan confided: "Time passes quickly. Remember the year Helen was 1 year old, Ba Long bay from the US to Vietnam Huge cradle for Helen, Ba Long is on the side of Helen during the party. The year Helen is two years old, Ba Long is in the United States but still calls the Birthday of the youngest daughter of three, the year Helen is three years old ...
Although Ba Long permanently can not congratulate birthday and stay with Helen's side, but she believes that Ba Long always follows blessings, protecting the youngest daughter of the three, but when he is alive Hao showing off the place about Helen. Mother trusted! Because of the day Helen said very moving and tricky sentences, sometimes she was unexpected because she had never taught these sentences ". Japanese last year, tried singer Van Quang Long V Also call from the US to congratulate her daughter. After many events, the daughter of Van Quang Long is living with Mother. Ms.Chia of the commune tried to singer Van Quang Long, causing many people to touch. Previously, Mother tried to singer - Ms. Nham Thi said, the family did not contact Linh Lan from the past so far because it was not accepted from the beginning of the first step into the couple relations of Ai Van - Van Quang Long . When asked in the future, family can welding with Linh Lan, Van Quang Long mother said this probably will never happen.

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