Ms 713: Motherhood Of Single Mother To Take A Daughter With Cancer, Grandparents Sell The Only House To Have Money For Me

Making a single mother, Ms. Ha alone taken care of her daughter in struggling. Now I have cancer, that mother falls into a deadlock when your treatment costs are more than every day to date 9: 00/4: 45 nu southern fucking in affectionate affection, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha in Camp Ha village , Phuong Lieu commune, Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province as a single mother, she named her daughter Nguyen Ha Trang. Understanding your child's disadvantage when she didn't have a father, she fell in love with her father

. Beyond alone and raising me, the single mother several times encountered many difficulties. But she always tries to make up for me not to be close to your friends. The page has fallen because of the cancer
Photos of GDs have passed day, the mother and children of the porridge crashed together. Ha Trang was filled with her mother to study very well. Page is mother's pride. However, everything unfortunately caught with the page. Just passed on Que Vo 1 high school in July, 2021, Ha Trang saw the body with unusual expression. The legs of the page are swollen, hurt much. But unexpectedly, more than a week without a louder swollen. At this time, Ms. Ha gave her to the district hospital. The doctor told me to have arthritis, give medicine to drink
More than months to go out of this hospital to another hospital to find a page with a mucus size of 44 cm. Doctors advise Ms. Ha to take their children to the Hospital K visited and treated. This point was in the right time in Hanoi to implement the measure of social distance, the Hospital K restricted the patient. Ms. Ha gave her to Viet Duc hospital, a doctor to check and give birth to conclusions with bone cancer. The daughter poured sick, Ms. Ha collapsed. The Ha Bao, when he heard his sickness, he himself was no longer enough. The page is her fulcrum and life efforts. Unexpectedly, that small hope was now toning illness. Mother of Ha HA is looking forward to receiving the interest of your reading in mid-September 2021, the hospital hospital hospital in Tan Trieu to transmit chemicals. Each drop of painful chemicals invades the body of the page. Ms. Ha every day watching children shedding each piece of hair on his head and rushing to sneak away and wipe away the tears. Breeding alone was extremely struggling. Now every wave the daughter of chemical transmission loses 6 million VND / phase. The closest wave spent more than 30 million VND of drugs, Ms Ha was almost exhausted by managing the money for children. By now, Ms. Ha had to pay for more than 80 million dong. That amount she borrowed everywhere to get here. Currently the health status of the page has not been stabilized. The doctor to evaluate the page to transmit chemicals can be surgically. The hospital hospital from June. Equipped with bone cancer has not been metastatic. A child care in the hospital, Ms. Ha cannot rely on anyone. In the countryside, his grandparents family difficult. My parents are weak, HA's father has a regular hospital lung disease. And her mother selling vegetables picked up the money to worry about her father. Recently, she said that if the medicine was too much, it would sell the only house to save me. My son is a daughter but now there is no hair, daily breathe, painful because of illnesses Ha cannot hold tears. Let me feel secure, I quickly turned around. Understanding and love moms a lot. Many when the page must encourage her mother that I will soon be healthy and went to earn money to worry about my mother, grandparents, and grandparents. She just hoped her unfortunate daughter could soon be healthy, with her more. However, the current circumstances of their mother children are very needing to join the hands of the community when the treatment cost is very expensive. Help the help of Ms. Ha family - Code 713 Please send it to: 1. Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, Camp Hà, Phuong Lieu Commune, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province.2. Online support on Nhan Ai bracelet / Submitted: Code 7133. Supporting the "Compassional Bracelet" program, in the Family and Social Newspaper. Address 11th floor, Building of General Department DS-KHHGĐ, Lane No. 8, Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh 2, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi (opposite My Dinh bus station). Submitted: Code 713 If any questions, please send to email Phone: 0975 839 126/09714451684. Support VND through Vietnam Industry and Trade Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Vietinbank): Account name: Family and Social Newspaper. Account number: 125,000,058.110, Vietnam Industry and Trade Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Ba Dinh Branch, Hanoi.5. Supporting VND through Vietnam Foreign Trade Joint Stock Bank (Vietcombank): Account name: Family and Social Newspaper. Account number:, Vietnam Foreign Trade Joint Stock Bank, Ba Dinh Branch, Hanoi. Send Code 713

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