Ms. Hoang Dress In Vera Wang Celebrates The Birthday Of Age 72, The Body Is Like A Girl 27

Young sharp characters are likely to have the ability to 'stagnate' Time of Vera Wang - Ms. Hoang Wedding Dresses do anyone who must admire 09: 00/1: 49 South Vietnam is also a strange name with graves Tone, Vera Wang is known as "Wedding Dress Witch" - the person who owns countless gorgeous designs that every bride is wished to be put on a big day. However, the famous reputation of this powerful woman was also created thanks to the ability to abandonment. Although she entered the age of "Lai Hy Ancient Cross", Vera Wang's sharpness was still young to open many unbelievable people. New on his 72-year-old party, Vera Wang once again made "shock "Social network with beautiful glitter series

. It is worth mentioning that in every moment, "Wedding dress witches" all makes people sturdy as she is just somewhere about U40, U50. The Neon golden dress has a cool design than normal dresses Female at the age of 70 exercises, but Vera Wang doesn't look "saw horns" or the size of the size but it is full of momentum, to the end. One part is because she has chosen the right design of the beauty If the fat is most strict, the rest is because no one thinks that "the beautiful skirt" has entered the age of 72
In the frame only captures every bare back, she doesn't spot, millions of sisters Women have to rub and desire. If only looking at this moment, many people are even hard to believe this is the back of a 70-year-old woman. Between the young men, in terms of age, Vera Wang must be standing into the goods "grandmother", But it was the beauty filled with the vitality with the superimposed body that helped children spaces up to a few dozen years old. In when many women at the age of 72 have faced many signs of aging on face and physique . But with Vera Wang's case, many people think that age for her is simply the number of count, not affecting the appearance or beauty of this woman. Social network, Vera Wang accepted "the rain of compliments" for super-narcotic shapes, from slender waist, smooth bare back to beautiful feet without blemishes of U75.In long, straight legs " Weapons "help the cult dressing dress cult" captivate "the hearts of fans. Besides firmness and slimlessness without excess fat, her legs are also smooth and smooth. "Ms. Hoang Wedding Dress" also owns firm abdominal muscles with citrus, "Eat off" many young people Age
Many people think that even at the age of 72, Vera Wang's extreme body is enough to make the girl's 27 also hard to fight. Even, even if Vera Wang reveals a lot of wrinkles , no longer stretching through the lens of the pedestrians, the sisters also expressed their admirer than before the white skin, all colored, not a dark or darkness. And where only the career always promoted The flower, the beauty of this lingerie designer is also the desire of many cases. Because aging is indisputable or stopped, but Vera Wang has made great efforts to slow this process. To the top of the top 72, Vera Wang is not only a day a day to take care of his appearance. The youthful and full of life is manifested through Vera Wang's physique. She's healthy eating and exercising sports moderation in almost the life of the "Wedding Dress Witch" .Vera Wang keeps a habit of exercising sports to maintain youthful and preserving colors Health since she was a ribbon athlete. Up to now, every day she regularly practices with Ta 2 - 3 pounds in about 5 minutes. Weightlifting is the top secret of Vera Wang to help the body toned, strengthen the metabolism in the body and especially Adjusting the more beautiful posture. Don't stop there, Vera Wang also diligently cycles to keep or jog on the training machine. These are all simple, economical, but effective and very suitable for middle age because of a gentle intensity. For diet, "Ms. Hoang Dress" focuses on many menu Good vegetables, protein and fat. She never slipped down and always provided Omega-3 vitamins and fatty acids to both tape the brain and support significant anti-aging. At the same time, Vera Wang always drink enough water to provide water for the body. With the famous wedding dress designer, she stopped drinking fresh water from 65 years old to prevent the body with weight gain, obesity but instead With filtered water to help the skin stretch and keep the slender shape.

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