Ms. Khan Pham Pham Pham Pham Khai: Did Sometimes Tied His Limbs, Brewing Black

Family Representative thanked the sponsors of sponsors who supported money to make a medical treatment of the disease 9: 00/0: 00 nam namth, information Pham Phuong - Artist specialist performances Lot To Huong Nam, Ho Chi Minh City with severe meningitis, with tumor inserts into nerves, cerebral vascular hemorrurers receive the attention of many people. , Pham Phuong is having to stay in the hospital treatment, often falls into the state of remembering at no time, even at the time of forgetting his own name. SuSu Huy Susu talks to the relatives of artist Pham Phuong before pouring the disease, Pham Phuong lives with granny, she and no parents. The difficult landscape of the colleague caused Gia Huy Susu to worry, decided to support money and urged the sponsors to help. After donating a certain amount of money, Gia Huy SuSu came to meet her directly Inner and she of Pham Phuong

. In the conversation, Pham Phuong was constantly cried and said: "It is said that in Phuong's brain with blood vessels with continuous blood flow. If the surgery will die. The hospital also asks now Is the family time afford to worry about it? How can I answer enough? When the doctor says the health situation of Phuong, I fell out, must be emergency and everyone recommends calm down Back
It has no parents, staying with her grandmother from small until now. The doctor also encouraged to worry about it or so because it was severely encephalitis. When I remember when I didn't visit my children. Withdraw the tube. Before that eating and drinking must be used with a pipe. What people report to pay, she plays, close all over the house. It is always in the house in the house. get U out, borrowed borrowers nor anyone for the old days he went to take care of the cabinet, what they had to go to sell. She also said the cabinet was not bothering of us. But now the road is too new to discuss someone in the delegation to help or then when or at that time
" Black bruises. Removing it is the limbs of it. On behalf of my colleagues and strongly announced the amount of money donated and said it would be specific to statistics. The loved relative side continued to thank you for receiving the necessary support at the moment. Pham Phuong is having a long-term treatment hospital.

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