Ms. Manh Was Freedom, Left Canada To China

On September 25, the BBC reported that Ms. Manh Quan Chu - China's Financial Officer of Chinese Technology Group (Huawei) was released by Canada after she reached an agreement with the US without being extradited To this country. The previous Chu was forced to stay in Canada for many years because of the accusation of US fraud, leaving the country after an agreement with prosecutors, after many years of diplomatic tensions about the fate of the fate Ms. Chu has been arrested with cheating accusations in December 2018 as required by the US. On September 24 (local time), the US Department of Justice has eligible for extraditions for her

. Keeping Ms. Zhou made China angry and stressed the relationship between Beijing and Canada. It also led to allegations that China was detained Canadian citizens to retaliate, which China rejected
"My life was turned upside down. It was an uncomfortable time for me," Ms. Chu told reporters after being free to leave Canada. "I will never forget all the good wishes that I received from everyone "- She said. The AFP news reported shortly after that she put a flight of Air China from Canada flying to Shenzhen city of China. Manh Chu - Photo: BBCchi: The release of Ms. Chu is the theme of stress negotiations between US and Chinese diplomats. Fools forcing Ms. Chu to fool HSBC banks about the true nature of business relationship between Huawei With a company named SkyCom, this bank is at risk of violating the US sanctions for Iran. American Ministry of Justice on September 24 said it has reached an agreement to postpone prosecution
The US Department of Justice will suspend prosecution of Ba Chu until December 2022 if she complies with the conditions made by the court, the final lawsuit will be canceled. The recommendation agreement she is free to allow her It is necessary to deny crimes because of important allegations and acknowledge allegations made by Americans. Then on September 24, Canadian prosecutors have told a court in Vancouver that they have withdrawn N She led her to the United States and she should be free. Chu was arrested at the house worth millions of dollars in Vancouver for nearly three years. Before going to court, Ms. Chu was seen Going into the building together with the Chinese Consulate officials. The judge then read the command for her to be free. It was part of the agreement, Ms. Zhou agreed with a "truth statement", Admitting that she deliberately declared a deceiter with HSBC. The US judiciary said they were continuing to prepare for Huawei. In many months, there were many spacious backstage exposure, with the directors Huawei's senior executive was sent by the company to Washington to try to resolve an international stressful incident. Chu Leave Canada with Air China aircraft to return to China - Photo: BBC for him Huawei's owner, this problem is profound, with his daughter detained, but for the whole Chinese, it also becomes a major cause of anger. It also worsened the relationship between China and Canada, with two Canadian citizens, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, was considered 'good children' in negotiations. A deal is capable of reducing Some stresses have appeared. But there will still be questions - America gained? Ms. Chu is a big daughter of the billionaire billionaire, founder Huawei in 1987. The company is currently the largest telecom equipment manufacturer in the world. He served in the Chinese military for 9 years, until 1983.Huawei had faced allegations that the Chinese government could use their equipment for spy activities - the allegations they were denied. In 2019, the US has imposed sanctions for Huawei and put Huawei on the blacklist of exporting, cutting it out of important technologies. Hanh, Sweden, Australia and Japan have also Prohibit Huawei, while other countries include France and India have adopted measures to prevent a complete ban. Valid the day after Ms. Chu was arrested, China has detained two Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig because of suspects spying. Critics have accused China to consider them as political bargains, which are considered part of what is called "NGO Delivery of news ". China denied this. Front, a Chinese court convicted Michael Spavor, an entrepreneur, spy and sentenced him 11 years in prison.Canada condemned the verdict, saying the trial did not respond Even the minimum standards that international law requires. The experts said, Mrs. Chu's agreement with the United States can pave the way for the release of two Canadians, but stress in Central Relations National-Canada will not quickly dissolve. The bilateral relationship has dropped to a low level of history since Chu was arrested. American accusations for Huawei still and the company is still in the commercial blacklist . Other Chinese technology companies operating in the US, such as X Communications Company

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