Ms. Merchants Sells Vegetables That Fall In The Rain And ‘ends’ Warm From The Online Community

Many netizens comments indicate that she has children, but because he likes to work so it is often a vegetable back to sell <: 00/1: 40nam southernxung around us to know how many circumstances are dead and pitiful . They are not only difficult but also struggle with the life. Going on the street, is not rare to see the old haired hairstone, the back has been handcuffed but still remains the discharges of making money with each tangle of vegetables, lemons, fish ..

. Of course there are disabilities because of circumstances Poor, but he wanted to go to the sellers just because he liked to do it, don't want to sit a place or around the house. Newly here, netizens were moved before the image of a grandmother who sold the vegetables to make a rain. Team wearing a leaf hat, wearing a blue raincoat, burdened on the shoulders of fresh and delicious vegetables
It's raining, everyone wants to sit in a place to stay, he still steps step by step slowly, when the vegetable bearing has not reached. A netizen has taken photos remotely showing the shadow of the instrument on the road, hirping on the face of the face. Strenuous, hardworking. Page Hai Phong: "Soon after, there are many individual Facebook accounts shared and find the address of the instrument. A FEFECEBOBEBOBEBOF account named MT has come to find tools and buy it all Vegetables support for tools to go home soon. Next there is a teacher named facebook. L (currently working at Hong Bang High School) has stood up calling, receiving support for the instrument ". , her grandmother has been over 80 years old, with a full descendant, but he still wants to do the day of the vegetables to sell. With a good heart, many people have supported to buy vegetables so soon to home. I don't know how the situation is now, but look at the image of the elderly in the rain to make people touch
"The instrument, looking forward to a healthy. Look at the image without tears", a netizen Comment. "Looking at the 80-90-year-old instrument still selling vegetables to sell and hard to give birth to a very karma", another person expressed.

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