Ms. Pham Sat On A Young Man In The Middle Of The Street To Livestream, The Rear Love Caused Unseptics

Middle-aged woman pushing young men sit on the ground and then directly over him, pulled out his cellphone despite livestream can be around ngan.0: 00/2: domain 40Nu NamMoi here, a woman medium and a male youth aged happened contradictions in a residential area in the city of Weinan, Shaanxi province, China. Her aunt repeatedly insulted, shoved the young man, but he did not protest lai.Mot later when protecting residential areas to discourage the woman immediately grabbed the collar and pulled his young men out side residential gateway. Then she pushed young men to the ground and sat directly on top of him, mouth constantly uttered the words even te

.Khong stop there, this woman also pulled out his cellphone livestream on social network Assembly to smearing of young men. "People go to look at this poor young men go. Scabies which requires carnivorous toad swan ", the woman screaming middle-aged women sitting lon
Nguoi override young man then livestream.Chung is this spectacle, some people ran to her aunt discouraged but still not refused to stop, even more angry. However, young men from beginning to end has always maintained an attitude of respect, no act of disrespect to the woman's neighbors this year.In the woman said, her other aunt is actually mother and wife future of young men. Because she was not satisfied with the groom that her daughter should pick new boys forced to break up with her daughter But to enable coincidentally the daughter of the woman had a husband lives. Because all day gambling husband, she divorced and carry 2 sons di.Trong Meanwhile, young men are all reviewers are gentle, good-hearted but poor family circumstances so far he has not yet taken wife despite 28 years, making parents extremely worried. Then someone introduced him to the woman's daughter kia.Du people discouraged but still did not stop the woman lai.Luc first, he did not want to take a woman over him to 5 years old, again divorce also bring two such children, but under the persuasion of his parents, he tried to learn her
After some time, young men also crush this single mother and she wants the same building in dinh.Mac though girlfriend lived through a marriage, but the young men did not want her upset so he try to borrow to prepare decent wedding presents, no worse than a previous marriage. However, young men still can not make your mother feel long.Ba girls face despise him, belittle him in scenes poverty, not worthy of his daughter, said that her daughter can find a newer the better. So, on Tuesday the incident, she has to meet the groom future, sought to depose his honor in front of everyone, and ask him to break up with her daughter otherwise will not stand for anh.Chua clearly the outcome of this affair will go, but the actions of the other middle-aged woman made public opinion from burning, disgruntled. They said that the woman was a greedy and eager for money, material and though displeased with the future groom should talk to each other instead of with such actions.

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