Ms. Phuong Hang Announced To Serve, Netizen Was Skeptical

In the recent appearance, Ms. Phuong Hang revealed to prepare for her grandmother, the bride of Que Long once again became the focus of the netizens' attention. Phuong Hang is a character mentioned a lot On social networks over time from charitable co-charges. Also because of the attention for her Netizen, the more interested Netizen is the family of the giant. In the last 5, Ms

. Nguyen Phuong Hang caught a lot of attention when held a questioning a son. Although the ceremony took place in the private space due to the epidemic, everyone was overwhelmed when the mother-in-law was given to the berries of Que Long and the value of the "terrible" value. In the recent appearance, the Dai Nam tourist area Netizen's attention was attracted when he claimed himself to serve as "sister"
Specifically, Ms. Phuong Hang said: "I have to go to my house, you, you call my house but don't call my grandmother, calling a grandmother I am angry." This information from Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang has made Netizen Sell semi-suspects, whether it is pregnant in Que Long. Because in a series of photos appeared a few days ago on social networks, many people remarked the bridus with a full-circular face. According to Languing, Que Long studied at a famous school in Ho Chi Minh City . After graduation, the beautiful girl 9X has returned to Binh Duong to live and work. In the series of images posted by the Great Family on the occasion of daughter Natalie, Que Long also appeared with her husband's family. , the Hao Mon bride also shows that he has a pretty close relationship with his youngest sister with private photos. After the hundreds of diamonds with sparkling diamonds on the hands, Que Long has entered the monk, okay Netizens spend a lot of interest
To avoid the soup of the network community, Que Long transferred the entire post on Facebook on friends and hiding all personal information. , Gu fashion even though it is simple but the body is extremely prominent. Separating white skin with the face with Heavy Beauty, Que Long is favored by netizens "hot girl", everyone is unlikely Expected to recognize the corner of her inclined face like her mother-in-law almost absolutely. Also, about strawberry, she often posted images flooded in brands, cars Everyone is overwhelmed. Photo: Synthetic readers watching videos: The ceiling page 'reaches 180 degrees', unexpectedly speaking in the monks of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang - Source: SaoStar

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