Ms. Phuong Hang Spreads About The Turbulent Marriage With Mr. Dung ‘lime Oven’: Almost Gets Acid Before The Wedding

'I told the truth all, if I say it's not right now, I can't go to him,', the female CEO Dai Nam shares. New, in a video posted on the social network, Dai Nam CEO surprised Working on the turbulent marriage with Mr. Dung "lime kiln" .Theo, "The Ball of Dai Nam" said before the day of his wedding, a force was plotted with her acid. Huynh Uy Dung's wife said: "When we know each other for 4 years of preparing the wedding, the family party holds my acid

. He has his eyes, the young man does in the house he hears the discussion , It just went to the market to get acquainted with him to let it say. I told the truth, if I say it's not right now I can't go to him. 11 pm people are talking, right day the wedding will go Patrilating my acid
The next day, Mr. Dung had to announce the closure of 10 days and leased the 500 guards to protect my wedding ". Received that information, the Female CEO commune had to hire 500 guards Defend the wedding for 2 days 2 nights, the number of guests from 10,000 people decreased to 4 thousand people to ensure absolute safety. Wedded 11 years ago the businesswoman and Mr. Xa. Entrepreneurs also confided: "Now never touch his wife and children, despite divorce. Mr. Dung always protects his old wife even though it's no longer with each other but never took me ..
I said All the truth is all, not I am still uneasy with Mr. Dung. "CEO and Mr. Commune on the 15th anniversary of the wedding day. Through the turbulents, the Dai Nam CEO has a life that kisses the multiplier on his husband and the children. On the 15th anniversary of the wedding day, the businesswoman wrote the letter sent to the commune, thereby asking: "I used to go from Irowed in this surprise, and I finally understand one thing , the heart of people really ratter colds, but somewhat still a lot of people who sold their husband and wife was unconditionally, because they had a strong heart they were new and obeyed their sacrifices without needing Including a thank you very much. I want to say thank you to your love to protect your mother and son. And I also want to apologize to you because the last time also causes you a lot In injury, also because I was a person who dared to live for the honest and I confronted a scam, afford it was a destiny, like the fate she came to him. "

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