‘ms. Xuyen’ Hoang Yen Pressed Livestream At Midnight To Say Anything More Than 20,000 People Watching At The Same Time?

Ms. Xuyen 'home goes home "Extremely pressing Livestream to declare war with his old husband and his new lover.0: 00/2: 16 nam nuns over, dug actress Hoang Yen opened Livestream to mind The return to the past things involved in the ex-husband's case "Right route" with her as well as reciprocal predictions between the two. At the beginning of the Livestream at 23:00 on the night, she came home to go and he was extremely pressed, uncomfortable, annoyed, called for everyone to help her "lower fire" if they didn't make it unforeseen again. So where does the source from the word you have to Livestream call on people to share and speak up to protect ourselves? The actress said that the past few days are trying to return to the old orbit but " The wind was constantly "made her forced to speak up

. She even said that the worst of Hoang Yen will reveal in Livestream last night. At the beginning of the Livestream, she said: "My life never sued anyone but now someone wants to sue me." She was even frankly saying that there was no need to control the emotion at this time because she was extremely angry, uncomfortable, though the image was not beautiful now, she accepted it all
The argument to the peak when he was built by others about her childhood to go home, I received an information about the old girlfriend's new girlfriend to accuse her to say wrong, pulling that girl Into the shocking, even threatening to sue because of damaging reputation and dignity. This makes Hoang Yen extremely annoyed when it comes to the words of the girl N.A.Đ broadcast online is a slander, hiding the tail of the tail, which is. The peak of Hoang Yen actor also confirmed that if he touched this person was ready to feed his ears because of the miscellaneous voice. "How do I do anything, I do anything that you loves you to fight in the middle of Japan While my life is very normal? " She said she also kept her old stack recording threatening her, cursing and insulting her, ready to bounce to make the new husband's love "bright eyes". The actor has nearly 1 hour I, throwing out of getting up out of the outside "I love everyone", "I can't stand it", "Statement, if you see any information to build anything, don't blame the Dao Hoang Yen that is evil.", " I am like a single child, there is no image anything, "" Likes to famous Om will give me a famous ", ..
The actress constantly repeated in Livestream. Faithful she was ready to play huge this case by continuing out of evidence she could. Livestream exposed the black marks in the past to attract more than 20,000 live viewers. There are aggressions, sympathy for actresses but also have many criticism comments from Antifan of Ms. Xuyen.

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