Mu Cang Chai Is Beautiful And High-scened When Entering Ripe Season

On these days, all on both sides of the road from Yen Bai city reached the Mu Cang Chai district to show up the yellow patches when the terraced rice fields are entering the crop. Reporters recording at the time of 11 to 13/9, rice here began to turn yellow. Many areas still interwoven blue segments. High mountains covering the rice valley below, creating majestic natural scenery. Photos in Mu Cang Chai town

.Theo photographers who specialize in golden season hunters, the most beautiful here often falls into a period from half after September. At this time from above, each ladder field in the valley like Chemistry into a vast golden sea. Raspberry raspberries are famous as attractive tourist destinations of Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai by the unique shape of the terraced fields
It has a natural elevation of 1,000 m - 1,600 m above the sea surface with a round shape, rising as high as a full raspberry. This is also a place to be assessed by the most beautiful terraced fields in the Northwest. A yellow season corner of La Pan Cancold, where many tourists know recently. In 2007, terraced fields in three communes La Pan Cancold, crushing crusher, the house is recognized by the State. If lucky is here at the right time and convenient weather, visitors will take a look at a golden setting Blazing, the heart does not want to leave. Over the terraced fields in Mu Cang, the shutter, winding like shiny gold waves. Mu Cang Chai ladder is a unique and very unique cultural heritage of villagers Many recent years after reaching the top 10 most beautiful terraces in the world, Mu Cang Chai becomes one of the highlights of the Northwest tourist service. The most golden rice is also when people start catching Hand on reaping. In the experience of many tourists, everyone should come to Mu Cang Chai for a period of 15 to 22-2 because soon, the rice is not yet yet, it is even later than reaped rice, leaving many lilies on each Fields, scenes will no longer be beautiful.Theo stepmus / People's newspaper

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