Mu Coach: ‘we Have Tasted Enough Frustration, Bitterness’

At 23:55 on September 14, Manchester United will face Young Boys on Wankdorf in the first match of Table F Champions League.0: 00/2: 13 namthesday September 14, VOV reported, recently, coach Solskjaer closed the list of 22 players registering to play with Young Boys at the Champions League round of Champions League 2021/2022. The stars and rookies of the Red Devils like Varane, Sancho or Ronaldo are registered, but Cavani continues to be absent. The spiritual power as well as a professional when this season has Ronaldo back. Share with communication , Coach Solskjaer said: "Cavani is having a little problem in the international break after a sealed match of us

. Cavani is working very hard and hopes he will soon return to us. "The new .Cavani came out a game this season for MU for 37 minutes and has not yet scored a goal
The impressive table hunting of the Red Devils in the previous season is currently only a 2-way striker position after Ronaldo.Ronaldo has a spectacular debut when writing a brace to help MU win 4-1 before Newcastle. The Portuguese striker is expected to continue to shine in the match against Young Boys to help the Old Trafford team a favorable start at the most prestigious playground.HLV Solskjaer can be brought back This season for MU.Theo VietnamNet, Coach Solskjaer does not hide the ambition to conquer large titles this season, after they tasted enough disappointments, he shared: "We have tasted enough frustration , bitterness. We have drawn many things. This MU team is more grown and grown in the past few years. Must say it still follow the plan right from the first day I arrived. MU has improved a lot and the way we deal with a pandemic as well as with a dense schedule .
. the squad with De Gea has a long time or Harry Maguire is a few years, MU has spine to grow. We are added to Raphael Varane, Ronaldo, ... The strength team is further strengthened. I really trusted this squad just having quality, youthfulness and experience. MU's goal is to do well in every front, ready for every challenge. Complaining in the C1 Cup Arena, we want to go to the end of the journey, even though it will be very difficult. "The Fighting between Young Boys vs MU in the framework of Table F Champions League 2021/2022 will take place at 23:45 on 14 / 9 (Vietnam time). Czechime (T / H)

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