Mu Officially Appointed Rangnick As An Empty Coach

Through the club's official website, Man United has confirmed that they have appointed Ralf Rangnick as an empty team coach in the rest of the season according to MU notice, after the season 2021/22 ended, coach Rangnick will continue to work for the Red Devils for another 2 years as a special counselor. Commenting on the 63-year-old German strategist, MU sports director John Murtough said: "Coach Rangnick is one of the most extraordinary and most respected creative strategies in Europe." "He is the No. 1 candidate for the position of MU's empty coach and we are happy to invite him to Old Trafford working. We appreciate the skills, experience and leadership capabilities Coach Rangick showed that for nearly 4 decades, "said officially

." Everyone in MU is eager to work with Coach Rangnick. Before his eyes will lead MU to come At the end of the season, then there was 2 years of approaching the side of the team with a new role as a special advisor. "About my part, Coach Rangnick excitedly said:" I am very pleased to be dedicated to MU
From now on, I will focus our work well to help MU achieve as much success as possible. "" Mu owns a team of all talented players. The team has a C Amazing amazing among female experienced players and young generation. In the next 6 months, I will try our best to maximize the ability of everyone's ability, both in individual and collective aspects. "" Then I will accept the new task as a mentor MU when the team aims to long-term plans. Although in any role, I am committed to doing my best for the team, "Coach Rangnick affirmed. Compliance, the information of Coach Rangnick accepts the Work Work for MU has been leaked from a few days ago. Last Last week, Coach Rangnick was supposed to have remote indicators with MU in the Red Devils with Chelsea 1-1.Do coach Rangnick hasn't pleased a work permit in England so before the former midfielder Michael Carrick will continue Process is the temporarily coach of MU.The Trong Khang / Bongdaplus

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