Mu Players Beware, Coach Ralf Rangnick Knows How To Punish ‘damaged’

Coach Ralf Rangnick is a very respectful discipline in everything. The German strategist has many ways to 'punish' stubborn stars during the working time in German teams.0: 00/2: 02 namrb Leipzig domain under the lead of Ralf Rangnick coach has reached Up become a new force in the Bundesliga. That success not only comes from the ability to read the match at the pitch but also the special rules that Ralf Rangnick applies to players in the process of living in the team. Because of the fine, coach Ralf Rangnick has Design a 'lucky rotation' to determine the penalty that the players must receive

. This has limited violations such as late players, using the phone while practicing or overweight. "Fines rarely make stars fear because they have a lot of money. Players will feel punished if they are losing their free time with my penalties, "coach Ralf Rangnick said
Ralf Rangnick promotes discipline and this is very important to a team like MU during this transfer phase. Book of 12 Penalty Ralf Rangnick applies at RB Leipzig1. Ball Assistant: Pump ball, bring to the yard and clean - 30 minutes per fruit2. Assistant Coach Academy: Train one of the young teams a day of free - 4 hours 3. Guide to visit the stadium: Guide tourists to visit the team locker room - 1 hour 4. Get luck: not punished 5. Grass face manager: take care of training grounds - 4 to 6 hours in a training week6. Princess: wear pink clothes or ballet costumes while practicing - 90 minutes 7. Barman: mixed drinks before practicing, filling water into the bottle - 20 minutes8. Fanshop: Working in the team souvenir shop for three hours
Serving the kitchen: Serving Salad in the cafeteria of the team, cleaning the table - 30 minutes a day10. Kit Man: Take care of dirty matches, helps clean footwear - 30 minutes every day11. Bus staff: put equipment on the bus on the passenger day - about 1.5 hours. Gifts for employees: buy small gifts for all 60 members of Leipzig

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