Mu ‘turn On The Green Light’ Complete The Transfer With Rooney

Legend of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney is currently Manager Derby County. Rooney wanted to want the old club to solve the difficult situation in Derby. After breaking up the career of a famous player, Wayne Rooney began training career at the Club of Championship Derby County in November last year.Roney New start is not easy because Derby has a big financial difficulty. Rooney's Derby can only be in Championship in the last round

. Derby is heavily affected by the transfer ban from the British Footage (FA). That makes them restricted in strengthening the force.Roney is facing a lot of difficulties when starting a manager as a coach
Photo: Gettyrooney must try to work with only 13 players. In the friendly match losing MU 1-2 a few days ago, Derby gave two famous names as Ravel Morrison and Phil Jagieka trying. However, to have these two players or anyone else in the limited lineup 23 Rooney's players, Derby must sign a professional contract with them. The friendly match with MU, Rooney acknowledged the limited resources in Derby to make him a big trouble. Ronney said, "This is not an ideal thing. I soon realized it and constantly tried to find the answer to the problem. At this point, I still haven't gained what I wanted. So I just focused on football and the current players. What happens, it will happen ".Rooney and Coach Solskjaer have fun shaking hands before the friendly match
Photo: Gettyrooney admits he wanted to re-sign with the defender Teden Mengi. Mengi currently belongs to the MU payroll and gave Derby borrowed in the previous season.Free ready to turn on the green light to help Rooney complete the Mengi transfer service as a loan again. However, Rooney didn't know if Mengi accepted to stay in Derby or no.Rooney shared, "Teden Mengi played very excellent in Derby last season. I thought Mengi played very well but he unfortunately injured at the end of the season. At this time, in the view of Mengi's case, I couldn't do anything more. I still couldn't bring it to Derby the lenders. I think Mengi knows and Mancheter United also knows, Mengi is the player I really like. This moment, my hands were tied to behind the back ".Oroney loves to have Mengi in the Derby next season. Photo: GettyDù is banned from transferring, but Derby can still sign a maximum contract with 12 months with free players. With loan players, the contract is limited to only within 6 months. This ensures Mengi can still stay Derby to play until the end of this year if Manchester United agree to lend.

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