Mu Won, Why Solskjaer Still Worry About Snoring Chelsea, Liverpool

MU extends the uneven unbeaten the passenger to the number 39 when winning West Ham 2-1. But coach Solskjaer still shows the remarkable insecurity with the goods. After the 5-year round of the Premier League, MU has the same 13 points like Chelsea and Liverpool, with 4 winning 1 Hoa.Mu reverse the dramatic West Ham, but Coach Solskjaer cannot yet mind with home crafts. The more loan when compared to Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City was natural, between Solskjaer's team and two large rivals (and both Man City) of the King of the Premier League race this season is the easily difference from overlooking: defense

. Both Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City only conceded a goal after 5 matches, but with MU is the number 4. and don't forget, the 3 teams have met the 'bone' rivals more than MU in the first rounds, most It was Chelsea to fight Arsenal (win 2-0), Liverpool (1-1) and Tottenham (win 3-0) .Sir Alex once said, "Attack helps you win matches, and defend title"
In fact, continuing to prove it.Mu added world-class midfielder, Raphael Varane this season, but their defense has not been worried. In the match with West Ham, Captain Harry Maguire also Pham silly mistakes that MU almost pay for expensive prices.HLV Solskjaer also raised the hierarch of the home team in the situation to West Ham to pierce De Gea: Chelsea also won 4 draws 1, but only to concede 1 table. Not to mention coach Thomas Tuchel's team to meet the 'bone' rival than MU "You are not allowed to rest when defending. When withdrawing to the defense with 6 people, we revealed too much space, hitting the shadow too slowly. We talked about it during the break ". But the Norwegian strategist is satisfied with the way the team reacts:" 2nd half, the team of great reactions and that is important to me. That, after being led by a table, we also had a good response in 5 minutes later. "Solskjaer, MU must be entitled to at least two penalties with Ronaldo foul in the penalty area
He was an arbitration sarcator, 'hopefully not because Ronaldo that Mu didn't get a result of 11m ". The impressive stream for the Red Devil.LH

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