Mui Ne Is The Only Asian Representative Of The World’s Best Tourist Beaches In The World

Mui Ne is the only representative of Asia in the top 10 on the list of the best 100 beaches of the Bounce Luggage Storage Service Company. Books are made based on the assessment of experts in the field Bounce's tourism area, based in London (England). From 250 beautiful and famous resort beaches to be selected through various sources, Bounce narrowed the candidate group to 100 and conducted consideration according to the criteria such as sea temperature, weather (temperature, Rainfall), hotel rates, Number of restaurants, bars and popularity levels on Instagram. After analyzing all data, each beach is dotted with a scale of 10 and Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil ) Achieve the highest score with 6,97 points thanks to the advantages of the number of restaurants and bars reaching 11,153 shops. The Brazilian Copacabana beach ranks first in the list of the next position in the top 5 belongs to the beach America is Miami, Venice, South Beach and Santa Monica in California

. In particular, Miami Beach is the most popular on Instagram with 14.4 million hashtag from tourists around the world. Naama in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt is the sixth ranked beach in the list with middle rainfall Binh is only about 10 mm each year
Ranked No. 7 is Pink Sand Beach on Barbuda Island in Caribe despite disappointing because there are fewer bars and hotel prices in expensive. The only Asian Sea is on the list but also impressed by the average hotel rates for less than 55 USD / night. The unique representative of Asia reaches the top 10 best tourist beaches in the world. Route 'Among the beaches in the top 10, Mui Ne is the beach with the average average hotel price with the cost only falling around $ 54.12 US / night' Hotel fees in Mui Ne are also rated as The cheapest compared to other beaches in the top 10 affordable prices, Mui Ne is also highly appreciated for moderate weather with an average temperature of about 26.5 degrees C with 247 restaurants and bars for visitors . Many years, Mui Ne is a favorite destination for many Russian tourists, so it is called a lot of calls for 'Moscow'. List of top 10 tourist attractions from Bounce: 1. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (6
97 points) 2. Miami, Florida, USA (6.80) 3. Venice, California, USA (6.54) 4. South, Florida, USA (6.16) 5. Santa Monica State, California, USA (6.14) 6. Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (6.02) 7. Pink Sand, Codrington, Antigua

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