Multiply The Story Of ‘brown Bees’

The version of the Brown Ong Musicians' fever "on the network was controversial. There are parents who prohibit their children. There are other parents with their children and laughing. There is a parent with the child with a new version and singing the station on YouTube.0: 00/4: 17 Southern people who worry about degraded aesthetics, people worrying about the original

. So we look wide to see what the music is too new and scary. Admittedly, the music processor generally does not apply for authorization, especially commercial products that have violated copyright, are wrong not justifying. However, if you do not publish ordinary, no benefits are difficult to manage
For seniors, they must have seen many famous music tracks for tens of decades, from the first half of the 20th century until now. Looking to the content, it can be considered a folk, unorthodox flow, Bring humor movement, reduce tiredness, stress. Folk songs such as "Multi Trees", Rowing, Reform, Young Music and Both songs like "Battalion 307", "Hanoi Belief and Hope", "Scooping water wells" ... ever made new words What to do with the original, only the listeners are not fasting. The resistance, a difficult time, the music of the music also causes people to laugh and temporarily forget the hunger. Can feel the senior mind through the 5-person song of musician Tran Tien "war, constantly constantly / they don't laugh, death". To the opening time, the program "meet at the end of the year" Follow this comedy circuit and perhaps the most music program. "Baby One More Time" (Baby One More Time "(Britney Spears)," Money Money Money "," I have a Dream "(ABBA)," Un-Break My Heart "(Toni Braxton)," Gangnam Style "(Psy) and many famous Vietnamese songs can be taken away with cooking
In that number," Meeting together at the end of the year "has asked a musician Pham Tuyen to be prepared" from a street intersection " . After hearing a new test, musician Pham Tuyen agreed by the positive. There are also copies of the author who wrote a new writer for an old song. The song "jealous" of Khuong Hung was born by himself "Jealousy Vy" spread nationwide and created waves on both international television to prevent Covid-19. Original: "Because you are jealous, jealous , jealous, jealous / because you are in love, only, I'm jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous / because you too love you, too love you "and the" jealous vy 2.0 "version : "Aluminum hand rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing / don't put your hands on your eyes, nose, mouth / and restrictions to the crowded / repelling Corona virus, Corona". Similarly, the song "Vietnam Oh" of Minh Beta is also writing a new writer with the title "Vietnam, Covid Flying". There are worries that the version will be steadily and lost to the original. This is very unlikely, because people often build extremely famous works. Nobody loses the university of anonymous works. Don't forget, the rich folk of content has the most recruited melodies. European folk cases often write in a paragraph, without development, climax only repeats an easy-to-remember section. So a piece of melody can have dozens, hundreds of words vary depending on the hobby of the song. "Scarborough Fair" people from the Middle Ages with a lot of different words are global Paul Simon and Garfunkel. The two musicians know a version through the English Musician Martin Carthy from 1966. In fact, the original medieval word doesn't trace. This article is placed by Pham Duy to become a "Thien Ly truss". Words compared to the British version, shot agricultural can't come. There are grains when the music used is common in advertising. Hoang Hiep musician family is very frustrated when advertising the lyrics "remember to Hanoi" into "despite going four ways, still remember Hanoi pho / soft rice yarn / sweet water bar / complete taste Delicious of Ha Thanh ". It was troubled that the introduction of the music music movement to arbitrarily put new words for the world famous song. For example, the famous song since the 1980s was prepared into "Love" with sleazy and of course nothing to do with the original: "Pouring this spicy cups / losses like a guy sad / wandering step with pain / with my heart handicapped ... ". Original of" Toto Cutugno "first appeared at the SanRemo Festival 1983 and quickly spread globally with the title" Italiano "(people" Italy) with a pride from the ancient Italian country and proud: "Hello Italian, with a ripe spaghetti / and the president is the old guerrilla person, the right hand is the car radio / and on the door Book a white bird's bird ... Let me sing with the guitar / because I'm proud to be a real Italian man. " How many people know how beautiful. On this ... Perhaps only the appearance of music music translation, impersonation of new art really distorted the fastest aesthetics, didn't you?

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