Mv ‘playing With Fire’ (blackpink) Can Increase The Sudden View Because Of This Statement Of Lisa

Just because the company YG Ent invests too spectacularly for the MV 'Playing with Fire' that Blackpink girls encounter difficult incidents, especially Lisa.02: 00/1: 44 south in the Livestream meeting with Blackpink 5 The year of debut, the girls left memorable memories in the last journey. Of course, there is no shortage of revealing the backstage secrets when the group turns the MV. Enthone is impressed with the Playing with Fire when it is strongly invested by YG ENT. The girls in the MV danced in the stage with full of fire-burning pillars around, as the song name "played with fire"

. Rosé recognized this experience was too memorable because "I have never seen such a lot of fire around". Lisa also has a scene standing in the middle of a lot of doubtful fire pillars and when the scene ends , The girls discovered Lisa's face full of smoke, lem like a bottle. But Lisa himself didn't know what the fire had caused anything for himself to be "no one told me that his nose was all"
Lisa face because of the hardness, Jennie comforted "no The director has cleared this scene while building a MV or why "Lisa is still unlikely. Perhaps after knowing this secret, Blinks will want to see the MV Playing with Fire carefully, knowing to find a moment of Lisa face. This patio is not in the script of Rosé. It is still not possible to change the script in MV Debut Boombayah. It was a moment Rosé turned to jumping inside the truck looked very strong, definitely but according to the original plan, Rosé would lean backwards and fell into the car. Because Rosé was too afraid to fall Sunuy has been preparing a lot of mattresses and thick pillows in the barrel, ensuring that Rosé falls, but the Blackpink member still doesn't have enough courage to fall. Because I was too afraid, Rosé only fell to fall in a way to make a film to let her jump into the barrel, did not expect to create a much more impressive effect. Tai Nam (General) according to many sources

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