My Boyfriend Couples The Rich People, Though Not Bid With Me

Do not say farewell, but the boyfriend quietly left me to come to another daughter, with more conditions than 200:00 / 2: 12 nam nuoi doi with his boyfriend with the countryside, we study together level 3 and Play together in a group of classmates. He is a smart person, but the family of difficult conditions, because his father often painfully painful. . I studied the 2nd year university, my boyfriend made money to worry about my family and children. I admire him very much, because during the years we learn together, he is also the class leader, handsome , study well

. So even if he only finished middle school, I studied university, but I still love you and I really want to go with you to go further than friends, love. We love each other from the 2nd year of university , Those 2 years, our relationship is very peaceful. On weekends he came to visit me, took me to go out, buy gifts and sometimes the two of them returned to their hometown and Sunday
My parents and my parents are also supporting this relationship, his mother often tells me to play, eating rice and talking about the future of the two. But when I prepare to graduate, the attitude His for me was different, he was no longer interested in me. Once in my hometown, I didn't go back to me, I didn't tell me. At least the hearts of me like before he still did it. I started to feel your unusual, but also afraid to ask because I was afraid you were something that was not convenient to tell me. But later, friends told me he was learning another girl, also with my home with me. Her family has a sound in the countryside, with conditions and she is younger than my age and you, are more beautiful than me. Many times I'm going to ask you about this, but long ago we didn't I met, I phone my phone, I didn't catch the phone, texting him didn't answer. I was also afraid to go to the house to see you, shy hell, I'm a guy who pulls, wearing only silence. My joint friends and I also asked me about your relationship with the girl, I only know silent, Because I don't know how the relationship between me and you is now, I don't say farewell, but silently with another girl, don't care about my feelings
Is it, I have another choice for me, and that choice isn't me? According to Dat Viet Newspaper

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