My Congressman To Taiwan Met Ba Thai Anh Van

A US MP group came to Taiwan from the evening of November 25 during a two-day visit. The trip took place only 2 weeks after another US parliament also unexpectedly reached the island. American legislators set foot on Taiwan's Songshan airport on military transport C40-C at night November 25, South China Morning Post reported. The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) announces the 5 American MP delegation and assistants will stay in Taiwan until November 26. "This is part of a trip to India - Pacific region

. MPs will meet Taiwan senior leaders to exchange relations on both sides, regional security and other important issues of interest, "AIT's announcement said. Taiwan Thai Anh Van Working in Taoyuan City on November 25. Photo: AFP
This delegation is due to Mark Takano Senator, Chairman of the US House of Representatives Veterans, led. They will meet Thai English leader and some other characters, including the leaders of Chiu Kuo-Cheng defense agencies. "Add a group of American legislators who went to Taiwan in just a month. This represents boots The diet that the American Parliament is for Taiwan ", Xavier Chang, spokesman for Ba Thai, said. International multilateral organization, cover M World Health Organization. The travelers of American MPs will definitely "anger" Beijing, according to South China Morning Post. Mainland China always considers Taiwan a part of the territory waiting for unified, copper Regular requirements of America and other countries do not contact the island. This visit, a group of 6 American legislators also to Taiwan on military aircraft. At that time, China announced that the visit was provocative and reaction with a patrol in the area.

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