My Daughter

I fell in the heart of Kien Giang country in the country. 15 years old, I left my hometown to live outside in Thanh Cat commune. My childhood, wherever I was cuddled by the field. Hair, my skin is a pregnant with the water and the dazzling sunny sky.02: 00/2: 57 nestriotism in the past when the three left, I was aware of my family very poor and had to help His cheeks

. 4 years old I started working to share the burden with my cheeks. The first job in my life is a buffalo. On that day my child's cheeks were in a small hut was erected on the land of not large grasslands
The uncle insight was also closed to the side. The house is poor, also killing the dark turns to turn off the dark surface. Among the relatives, my child's cheeks are still the poorest. I am My Nghe - a common woman, a heart waiting for my father back. According to May, mother's shoulders are getting hard to wait for three back. She must soon leave school to give me up to school. My life is a long-standing sad school, hoping to be frustrated, waiting and forgotten, love often angry. The day I returned to my hometown, my mother's cheeks walked on the road with a fence of the wind. Cheeks showed me the fields in front of him, where a childhood of the cheek of the rain was sunny. The distance is Hon Yen, Hon Nhon, Hon Rong, Hon Kinh, Phu Dong Hon, also has the same orphan
The mountains were rounded in the countryside, separated each other. Cheeks told those tall places there were loved ones of cheeks resting. Peaceful fields are incredible. There was once exception of Temple Truc Xin medicine for me, I asked, my cheek, why my hometown was named Sand, I have a cheek? Mother sitting on the old root of the road, the hat The "Son of the cheeks into a real girl. My eyes are like three eyes. The sand bar means healing land, honest people children ". I don't really understand, but every time I look at my eyes, sometimes sad. Whatever until today, when I was raising my children alone, I understood my father. Mother remembers who went through his mother's life, and it was the one who had his silver. Between the immense of the river field of Kien Giang, where only "considering the co-torch, sad" only a human-like human body is like me. Why is the people of Luong Thien Thien? During the journey of foreigners, the cheek used a leaf hat to cover the face of Xuan Xoan with his windy winds every time someone opposite. And I can't interrupt the cotton grass growing on the side - The flowers later "shocked my footprint", putting my life my life memories sadly, let me remember about a gentle teacher like She had joined the dream to school where my sister had given me. The old yard with soil with grass speckled speckled her house that looked like the yard of my mother's cheeks in it. Only the same is the yard has an additional jar listed in the corner. Just seen foreign, my cheek tossed the hat to the ground hugged her mother and then crying, "I'm sorry, I'm wrong ...". I still wanted to chew in, sometimes covering my mouth. Foreign tears rolled down the cheeks. Their hiccups and my cheeks on the first night followed me forever throughout my life. (Giving my daughter of my country) according to the village of Nguyen Nguyen

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