My Father Asked For A New Wife And We Were Stunned In The First Time I Met ‘stepmother’

While I was shocked about the past of my father's lover, and he was very calm to protect his girlfriend.0: 00/2: 11 southern men I lost soon, I was in my brothers and sisters. Currently we have a warm family and live about 1km from 1km from home. We thought that she was over 60 years old, just on the children were happy. But last week, I was shocked when I took my girlfriend to play home

. It was the young girl named Huong just the age of my sister, dressed indecent, didn't know what to do but wrapped in my father's father. I don't accept the scene of cooking serving girlfriend She sat pressing the web surfing the web. Immediately after sending out of the guests, I called the girl to the family meeting
I have a common thoughts about the incense, don't love my father, but the destination is the land with a house with a house worth more than 10 billion whose father was named. But I insisted on saying that people love honestly, want to be registered to get married. I said it was sacrificed because the family was too much, it was time to think for myself. My brother had a common thought about the incense, not to love her father to be a home. (Artwork) 3 days ago, I hired a detective to learn about Dad's lover and shocked when I learned about Huong's private life. She was over 30 years old without going to work, throughout the day she came to the lonely old men to make money to farming. My father was her 6th man. I gave the Huong's proficiency ahead of my father to watch but he tore right in front of us. Dad said no despite the girl's past, he still decided to love and trust her. Hope my brother supports Dad's love
Unable to convince my father's partner, I told you to love anything but I have to put the red book of the house for me to keep. Because I'm afraid while loving me, I gave my girlfriend all, then returned to the arms and white. Now the notebook is in the hand. When I intend to want to reclaim, I want to ask us to ask us not to attend his private life. Let Dad have to live with the chosen love. Walking about the wrong way, but I don't know how to pull your father anymore? People give me advice with? (Tuankhoa ... @ according to

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