My Father Was Rich For A While Thanks To It, Teaching Children Very Strictly

Today is the 21st anniversary of his father. I decided on this date will spend a little time reminiscing about the father as a way of gratitude Nguoi.0: 00/6: domain 07Nu YEARFOR I still thought and laughing alone about two "specialty" after here's our family toi.Dac first product is the "law" by naming the father we created which may not. According to the "Law" is each brother or sister of us (except for the oldest brother, Tran Hanh) when the unborn is available from truoc

.Cu be called, starting from the second child onwards our father named in the order of digits in Chinese: three (her Tuesday), terms and phrases, Green, Seven, Eight. Particularly the second sister, he did not name it according to Chinese II but called Two (you two). I also learn skills not why my father did not give her name is Nhi? Maybe someone Pham Huy reasonable? That our names is due to the "arrangement" under the order of birth, not by parents or someone given
In that name, probably my own lack luckiest since named Seven. From his high school I felt his name wrong nao.Nguoi little late father gia.Toi noticed throughout the village, even our high schools with thousands of students, but no one called Interior like me. All my life I have traveled around 63 provinces and cities in the country but also saw three men named Seven that I was one of the three. But in return, it looks like I was more fortunate than all the brothers and sisters also lai.Dac second product family we are: All the brothers and sisters we call parents his Uncle, hat (MO). This is so unusual. Nobody explained to us why we have to call his father, his mother's uncle, blind. I find out and speculated it might be one of the two following assumptions: Assumptions First: In the family, in addition to the brothers, sister, we also have two cousin from fatherless mother as a child should be the parents we take nuoi
Di course his two cousin to call the parents we are paying, blind. Possible so that the brothers and sisters before I also imitate their parents called in or are we caught the offspring also have to call so to avoid discrimination. However this assumption, I do not necessarily believe lam.Gia Monday: Heard (also just heard it) that our parents, from the outset was to sell stock of our brothers and sisters to a nearby temple ie Temple Am (Am Son Dien Quang Tu) now in Duc Hoa, Duc Tho district, Ha Tinh, from my house about a kilometer. Because of that we have been sold to the temple is not known to his parents as parents, but instead called uncle, blind. This assumption seems reasonable hon.Cha I was very middle-sized. He high as eight per meter. Doorstep I have a pretty deep field. Deep-water season (usually after the flood season) ordinary people wading into the water contract, also flooded to the navel, but the country only with my father knees slightly, not wet pants edge dui.Khong high that only my father had very healthy. At its full strength, my father can bear weight on the shoulders 90-95 or pushing wheelbarrows carrying some weight is normal. Era agricultural cooperatives, my father did not like working style mass attendance, which he prefers to do the job, the stock khoan.Neu do just that time but my father is half performance, even double others and of course he will be entitled to a rate commensurate with productivity point do.Cha I had lice enriched by the sweat of his tears. The young lady he worked in a lead mine in Laos. Also so that he can speak Lao kha kha.Lam any money (silver Indochina) are frugal he brought home purchase under his belt fields, gardens. Period in 1954 land reform my family have all 3 acres (Central line) and the total garden land is also to some line. Along with three buffaloes, two cows. With the number of fields, gardens and cattle, the family that I deserve to be branded as "landlords" .May replaced, while my family was in a cabin are weevils should be the "his team" let them down a level is "Middle shallow layers on." The fact then my father bought a house ironwood on the type of the most social, but because French aircraft regularly bombed so my father did not dare put up to stay and bring it soaked in the pond so his team do not know. If he knew my father then make the ball difficult to escape the weight thuong.Cha I was the moral, ethical and often commandments teach you about such streak: diligence, hard work, thrift, glasses on, made under, injured people, help etc. Looks like he has a pretty full repertoire, rich fishing knives, proverbs, idioms to apply when a virtue taught the public about wake up to that example, every time I came home from school late (due to racketeering, fights along the way), he scolded me a ball, then he led out the sentence: "Take bow bare the bow area." Italy: take the worry away, about then worry about, do not turn the horizontal, shut my playboy kind Leu long.Tuy rich (compared to the commune) but my father was famous back to scrimp at once (as a kid) t

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