My Father Witted, Never Scolded Her

My father never hit scold the child. Although the time we were young, very drunk father, could be called corruption ruou.Di voucher war and the wounds from the war that his father's health decline. My father was wounded, social allowance. The day we went to school, be exempted phi

.Roi battlefield, return to the family, my father chicken wholesale market should be a school day, our friends have nicknamed the word "chicken". Flood you can call back or call him directly before I bothered mat.Ngay and narcissism, but gradually the familiar long not think
Dad and mom doing farming and breeding, busy throughout the day. Later when I lecture 7, dad bought riverside restaurant near the House family, selling spare parts and bicycle repair, sell cream tui.Bo do things at a slower pace makes me very anxious mother. Actually also announced declining health for many. Dad eat less rice, the meal always had a cup of wine, peppers. Dad likes to drink tea, chronic, smoking waterpipe smoke mit.Den season made implants, announced tasked plated spit for daughters and rice. Harvest, announced cut rice paddy carrying, loading and transporting rice to the rice farm vehicle home. At that time so that the hardships, the feeling of the whole generation: Go to the silver surface with the field, meals simple little tofu, braised fish, peanuts simmered sauce, desire too, then half a month to eat meat dark roasted pork with sauce muoi.Ngay flood that we just look forward to the full moon day of July, announced to the market to buy meat for boiled pork leg, bone soup zucchini or potatoes, to more then divided eat some roasted chicken meal
date Tet, my dad put bridging rolls 2 weight silk rolls Tet. Dad made offerings Eve chicken, chicken is very tone roses suck. Fruit tray with more flowers grapefruit. Later grapefruit tree cut down, I just regret turning down this road mai.Tu field Am Pagoda (Phu Luu Te commune States-Germany - Hanoi) where my father rest in peace! I am the son inherited personality dad: Like going out, snack cakes, do things slowly slowly, do not rush headlong. Day go to work, rail lackluster wage hundreds of thousands but I still sat perched on bread or bun cha, just eat breakfast while watching the sun dat.Dai is selling th Street Station Gift What am I to enjoy with all . Even setting the goal is right down the center of town to enjoy notes several other delicacies ... I still have to Bo Ho had Pho Thin, bun cha Hang Quat other view pho noodle Dong Anh point what? Dad pack banh chung day Tet delicious. Before wrapping, falsely picking my sister, crush its leaves, glutinous rice mixed with water extractor. Fillings can be marinated bacon soup, sauce, ground pepper tasty correctly. The banh chung because my father often package and beautiful square. Peel banh chung, found nuggets Aaron Green color. Banh chung announced several packages, brothers and uncle's house on New Year Hong Son to father him 1-2 per qua.Ngay the three brothers do I get married, Dad put the daughter to the husband, lo marriage for son of the South. Count dad humor, when I led sweetheart back home, my father asked: "So you have to take it, love playboy, then go somewhere else for my daughter is getting married ..." and hoped to bring it, I do have electricity to which photography now. My wedding day, do not have any photos common shooting his parents and brother in the house. Our little day, my family did not have the habit of family photography. So I did not have a photograph taken with bo.Chung yet have the very attentive to the social relationships outside, but with a loved one in the family blood, lethargy and sometimes very heart. We keep thinking, loving family is a source of boundless outpouring clear cool his life forever. Should have little things that I could not do in life, such as taking pictures with his father and then later on regret forever ... There are things passed down to my father's cell passion tree planting, flower planting and greening porch. There are things I have not learned from the father, he is my very bad temper when the child spoil mixture. Meanwhile, they will be fed blow me ... Much later, when teaching children, think about dad, I was behind the net over a child will remember chut.Moi announced with memories of a childhood like that ... Nguyen Loan (Dong Anh, Hanoi) offers readers participated in post topic "Parents in my heart" of the email address: The appropriate articles are posted on the BBC. Best regards!

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