My First Day Of School

My first day of school didn't have 'a morning filled with cold mist and cold wind' as in the work I went to school of Thanh Tinh's writer.0: 00/4: 50 Nam Nam only remember it was a hot day , it was clear, there was no cool clouds or cool air of a smooth autumn. Young people in the neighborhood, have me, are rushing to each other to the house next to the house to take a bath, fit on diving, displaying all things to hide the skin. My brother appears and urges home . I thought: "Well, maybe you find me hiding?" So I hurried the old soap pants, was elastic with many spring loops, followed by me

. As I was not a mother whip or to stay at the corner as usual, but instead was full of eyes Excited and bright smile. Perhaps it was the freshest smile ever that the child was like I could see on my face. Though later, I also saw my mother smiled more but I was still the most beautiful smile
I handed into a neat white shirt in bed, my mother said: "Wearing the clothes, then follow the uncle to go to school ". I'm foolish, in which you do, go to school with anyone? It turned out that a man stood behind my mother's back, forever wonding, so I didn't see it. "Go see a teacher, a new friends, learn the words," he said. I don't know what's going on but must do my mother's words. At that time, the black kid was blinded by hiding lunch to catch the riverside fish, the legs saw the soil mud as I saw the white shirt ... panicked. First day my school didn't have "one The session was full of cold mist and cold winds. "As in the work I went to school of Thanh Tinh writer
Strange feeling, just worried, enjoying this clothes. Sincerely and don't be as soon as when receiving a new case (spinning), the paper kite or elastic beam from his brother. Don't let your hand filled with her soil touching that shirt. Then I also changed my clothes and sat on the rear of my car to school. My first day to go to school is not a boy "cuddling mother to hold on to the village path", nor " The iru of my little boys on my way ". Duy is just like that feeling, everything changes to the kid like me. After the car, my heart is wild. However, this is also the first time I feel the safety, protecting a father. Looking at the big, firm back shadow in every movement of the man in front of her eyes, I desire enough things. It also caused the soul of a small one as I trembled happily. Feeling and fear and enjoying my mind. Father died early, from a small word around his mother, it was only carefully careful and protected by his brother. Suddenly, a big shoulder, sheltered, unhappy is strange. I started my new horizon to school, everyone looked at me with a surprised look. Fortunately, her flowers, the first teacher in my life quickly led me to the empty chair to dispel the fear of the first student to class. She instructed me how to sit in school, how to hold a pen, looking up at the tracking board she lectured. My mind was tangled up, to not know where to cling. The only safe back shadow was that my uncle was now silently away from sight. There was no mother to put his head in his heart to avoid or get her comfortable caress. Just crying, but I have to hold back because I look around I look at me. According to me during the first day of schooling is just a small and soft hands of the teacher. These hands stroked my comfort, along with the fragrance that was sometimes smelling from her hair very pleasant, reassuring fear in me. It is different from my mother's own hands as well as the smell of sweat is always parodyed because of her work. Thanks to that kindness, I also got adapt to each letter, numbers and get used to friends. I just knew, I knew it was quite late, late for several months. Poor houses, a lack of things, to age in grade 1, but I don't make money to sew clothes, buy books, pay tuition, so I have to stay at home. Even poverty it pursued me forever during school. Before the enrollment date, my mother earned a little money to buy books, pens for me. Many times do not have enough money to sign "debt", fortunately, they are always accepted by them. At those times, my brothers were eager to follow my mother to fix, compete with each ball in the football player, the colorful label fascinated, not thinking about the worries that she was suffering. My uncle, later in Buddha, became a monk. He was the one who had replaced his mother to go to school, exposed to his first letter, helping me to open knowledge. And now, himself with the image of round heads, simple square shirts and basic moral teachings, serving his sentient beings made me rise to Buddhism. I and my family were later instructed by Mr. Tam Bao refuge, became the Buddha's children with good and useful life. The charming is germiced with Buddhism, every time they see them

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