My Husband And Wild Breeze Is Unique, The Wife Only Does A Move That Makes The Opponent Hurry To Ignore Sorry

The list is an extremely important thing in marriage that women should never see often. I am not just an important milestone in the life of each person but it is like the form "badge" you wear everyday. The spouse life helps us mature, thinking and worrying about everything more mature. However, there is no shortage of those who dismiss the name as a wife, married even if they are happy with their home. They like the feeling of being shown with the whole world as single and live freely

. That is an expression of your lack of enemy respect. The story of the children's spouses below is such an example. Children who have treated children and were killed by a wife for a lesson who remembered his life
Outside out of her unique, unicorns for a 28-year-old job, married for nearly a year. Children's husbands made in the foreign part of a large company. The girl and her husband loved each other for more than a year to marry. However, different from peer friends, the children's weddings are not noisy, within the family with some friends. Although the woman who likes to be married to spiritually, but he wants to follow her husband's wish, she still nodded in agreement. Illustration. "My husband's work or a partner must meet partners and customers. So he pandemed his appearance. When he became his wife, he toned him a little bit to make sure he rested his work. But turned behind his wife, his husband behaved very heartlessly Mission
Everything starts from the time when her husband goes to the festival with several high-level employees in the partner company. The partner is my husband, she recalls that her husband has shown still unique, even raised the whole finger to witness the witness. Those, I went to see my husband's MXH, it was true that he had a photo of the company but removed the rings. When he came home still saw him wear. Many posts limited themselves on the network so I don't know. Thanks to a few bridges, I can read some screenshots. Specifically, when someone enters a handsome husband without anyone, he also hit rush The poisoning "- Nhi said. Even, both wedding photos of two people, children have never been publicly available. Children do not like using MXH so she didn't update at all. Now, after being recalled by my friend, she understood Mr. Xa, I had immortal behavior with my wife. Children face frankly with her husband, get the answer to the reason for the job. Children who want to create a chatting atmosphere with an intimate, closer partner, less nervous so they have to lie about the relationship status. The dangerous handling of the wife makes the opponent kneel apologize with children, The reason her husband gave was not persuaded. As a woman with self-esteem, she did not allow the man of his life to do the hidden things behind his back. He is a wife, it is a proud story, not an excuse to ambition further in his career. "I am very strong, I still have the boss with a dignified wife, they also Must lie all? But my husband did that, I would respond to him to enrich. I don't prepare delicious rice to sweet, don't care about the opponent's appearance again, even with two people working About, we called out the food. After a while, her husband began to call, saying the spiritual body was tired. He also said he wanted his wife to be as before. But I am very straightforward: 'You show off with Both Thien Ha is single to be easy to work. Then you or meals are not valuable and contribute to your career? '. Only after that sentence, my husband knelt down sorry wife " - Nhi said. I said if her husband did not correct false, she wouldn't return to him as before. At this time, Nhi's new husband realized for a long time, she had a bad life with his wife and forgot the silent sacrifices of the commune. He changed, updated marriage status on MXH as well as posting a picture of both more. So women, the true pharmacy is important, don't because of any rejuvenation and ignore it.

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