My Mother

My mother, a woman Hanoi loves her husband with the love and admiration of the newly naive girl with the neighbor, handsome, and experiencing once in the battlefield but still flower Romance.0: 00/6: 10 nam nuoi nam, I'm old! Also sitting amazingly remembering the old house! Mom is the big world ... butt is not equal to my house! Even for Phu Quy! Glory Not with Mom!

. In the past, I wanted to sit far away from my mother, watching my father and loving loudly without a poetry like a smooth pillow! Quiet for old age! My mother's song Tran Tien said about his mother to talk about my mother, talking about his home but said about my house! Any old Hanoi families have the same joy and sadness! My mother, a Hanoi woman who loves her husband with love and admiration of the newly naive girl with the neighbor's army, Handsome, experienced has been born to death in the battlefield but still romantic flowers. Married to him are long waiting for her husband! Birth is only alone with my granny and grandmother! My mother born is difficult, so she had to go to the 108 hospital before giving birth to a month! At that time I was 20 years old and very naive. My grandmother and grandmother was busy making money to make money, so it only occasionally entered her mother. My mother at the hospital alone. On that day Nguyen Thi Chien Hero healed the same room as my mother, so when she took the bath, she often handed away to help my mother because my mother weakened. At that time, medicine was not progressed as now, I was used by doctors to clamp the head to pull out of the womb! Everyone told me to be lucky because the clamp didn't leave a trace but many people were also clamped into the eyes that affected the eyesight. My father at the unit rarely go home! When I was born my mother, he was in Russia! He wrote a letter told me to name me Russia but the letter long ago, so my name was set by the neighbor. On that day, Nghia village was very deep, so people would say: "Sell you far away, buy close neighbors!" "The dark neighbor shut down the light!" At the same time I only had my mother and granny. My grandfather went to work far from the week when the whole month was once
Grandma is near but still worrying about living, granny too, so I'm given to me, I'm finished, I haven't been abstained with a lot of washing, blowing rice, so when my mother's old is weak, it's not cold and cold! Going to sleep even though the summer does not turn on the air conditioner to wear a new long-sleeved shirt. After that, every time I gave my mother a child. In 1971, when his father retired, he had 3 duck egg eggs! Before taking my father, my mother was a beautiful beverage in the unified park! But then she moved into work in Xndp. She spent a lot but still retains the beautiful and graceful of Hanoi women. Even if you are still beautiful and young! All three daughters are not pretty with their mother, she is hard but happy! My father goes anywhere about the first sentence to ask "Where's my mother?!" My mother always served my father unconditionally. Even but when he was most resistant, the most ridiculous demanding he still afternoon he. When his career in the middle of the broken road, my mother didn't see any luck! She was still happy to think even though he didn't become proudly for her, he was alive with her enough! After retiring, my father told my house to go to my house, so I caught my mother. Although I had a younger brother. He said that no matter what the other guy was a result, two more soldiers were born! He was satisfied but that everyone was poor, so raising her children. Thirty years old, five children but my mother still beautiful and slender. She taught us to do housework very early! I know housing, picking up vegetables, feeding chickens from 4 years old. When I entered the village, I knew how to irrigate vegetables with a small shower with a shower, weeding with spinachs .... even 8 years old already known to pick me a rib, filter porridge, harass the powder, milk , wash diaper enough. My children too! Cook rice with tubers, rice husks. Making proficient dishes from a little baby. My mother turns enough jobs to earn money to raise us to study. Overtime and growing vegetables, raising chickens, raising pigs even have time when he went to sell ice cream in the villages far away from Hanoi, dinner about him according to friend in Khuong Thuong village to see frogs and fake. About 2am, he returned to dozens of kilograms and frogs. Feeling right in the night to bring them to the restaurant for them. The frog was locked into the drum so that the following few mothers brought to Cau Giay market. My mother was the youngest girl so afternoon, it was not afraid of diluting the frog fake, and later often went to the market to sell as usual. I went to work on just carrying me for it to feed it and eat rice and not touch the house! My mother is always soft soft! Mother's children give it something so she doesn't have to carry water, cooking rice or moving on the broom. My grandfather said my mother was so so much, but I thought my mother taught me good so she was just my mother! Only when the house has guests or have a new mother's death anniversary but the mother cooks, it is also delicious. My mother is just a worker but looking at you everyone thinks Mrs. L

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