My Mother-in-law Loses 50 Million, Sarcastic Husband: ‘this House Has Every 1 Person’ And The Processor Of The Bride Makes All Panic!

'Once I heard her told the mother in her husband that I was poor but also high, demanding. At that time, I was married to my husband's house, so I considered not knowing ', the bride dispersed 9: 00/4: 28 Southern life marriage life sometimes the biggest challenge comes from her husband's mother or sister. Just say that the most important in the house is understood by her husband. However, every husband is difficult to make the marriage of both hygienic quiets. The strawberry is not loved by her husband's house, a wife shared the story that happened when at her husband's house

. She and her husband married nearly half a year but how many things happened extremely awkward. Behind is a child, so they live with their parents. In the house there are her husband who are in college
"Family scene I normal, my parents made farmers from his hometown to the city. So that her husband's original house was not very good. However, my husband now doesn't love anyone, having to love everyone, so the whole house does not object, agreeing to give us married. The head he wants to get married to work separately and says: 'I understand my mother And my brother, don't live together '. However, I'm afraid to stay separately, it will thicken the friction between yourself and your husband's house, so I don't agree, "she wife said. The illustration. Before getting married, how to get married, I also made her house and home Husband argued. Then everything was smooth but the mother-in-law and her husband still didn't meet this sister. Next: "I heard her to tell my mother to her husband that I was poor but also high, demanding. At that time, I was married to my husband's house so I would like to know
Now think again, right at that time I showed the attitude or told my husband, it would be more comfortable. " The 50 million story was lost and the final solution was natural, saying what to say, the luckiest thing here is still the story she has a husband who understands and loves. Her husband went a long time, the stories in his wife had to suffer without saying but he also dimly guessed. Several times he reminded her sister not took care of the story. But everything could only be solved thoroughly in one time her mother-in-law discovered losing money. Accordingly, one day she was lying on the room alone, my husband went up knocking on her mother-in-law, losing money. Her husband asked if she was "wrong?" "Downstream I saw my mother in her husband sitting, very serious face. His father kept telling his mother to find it missing. She insisted that she had just finished receiving the shop for renting the store, to immediately go to the drawer because of something. Let's go from morning to the afternoon now I don't see it. The mother-in-law asks anyone who does' take away 'Ms.' This is a few years ago has never happened this loss of money. I rented a shop for renting nearly 20 years, sometimes to take money to the water table, but someone touched it, never took one thousand. Now it took 50 million ', my mother-in-law said. I was quite confused when my mother was. Immediately, her husband said sarcastically: 'At this house there are everyone, if there is a' miscarriage ', it is only that object, but whoever she mesmen for don't lose money, now Suddenly lost, it must be carefully reviewed. If it stole it takes all 3 phones charging the battery, but what each money is. Illustration. Yunghe comes here, I can't stand it anymore. I turned to look at the husband, speaking: 'Who do you say who is in my house, say it clearly? Mother lost money or to forget the money where didn't know, she was not silly, so I could clearly aim for me. What do you say, doubt dignity and assign a crime for you to not be able to do it, I finished, I turned to show with my parents: 'Dear parents, I think this is a big job, need to call the police In order to report stolen. People in a house should not have doubts but if they arrived in the country, it is necessary to enter the law. The way to speak as she I heard I didn't sound any words of my parents who seemed confused because I didn't expect myself like that now, my husband went to work unexpectedly entered the house. His hand holding a black wrap, her mother-in-law sees his eyes and asks where he can see. My husband looks seriously seriously. 'Mother went to get money to put it on the saddle, probably brought from the trunk to forget to hold into the house. The words of sisters listened, I haven't entered to see what it is. Don't have a child at home everyone, his youngest child says that parents still hear. Then this work, the house also asks out to stay separately. And the youngest child, you will sometimes go to work as a strawberry, you eat like that, you have nothing to mind. He was embarrassed with his wife. It is known that both husband and husband parents talk, apologize to her couple. However, the husband still wants to stay separately, a week where the house meets 1-2 times to support the conflict. New to say, the luckiest thing in marriage is the understanding and protection of the husband. How to live in your husband's house, get nice not to greatly belong to your partner! Follow the law and read

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