My Mother’s Parents Want To Go To The Play House But Have Just Come To The Gate, They Turned The Car And I Collapsed When She Knew The Reason

Looking at the girl's car turning away, I panicked to call H but received a crowded answer.0: 00/2: 08 Southern and H foreigners have been 6 months. I am a construction worker, and my girlfriend doesn't have any work, currently living on your parents' cycle money. Many times I recommend that she should find something that depends on the family. But H said the rich parents, they didn't want her to work, loving their children hard

. In which month my girlfriend is also a few tens of millions of mothers for pocketing. She said there are many guys pursuing but only likes me, because my honest gentle looks have attracted here 2 weeks, you Girls suddenly reported pregnant news, at that time I was very happy. Because many times I want to propose to her but don't dare
Because I'm wearing a feeling about my family, I don't have a pregnancy now, I have a lot of pregnancy, so I was a lot more confident, so I was asked to be married soon as possible. But when I came to play your house Girl, her parents seemed very indifferent, don't want us to marry each other, even though he had a pregnant. Only when my girlfriend cried a lot and knelt down to ask her parents to work into, now they waived for the two children to come together. I really collapsed, my wife and children were at hand. . (Artwork) 3 The day ago, suddenly H said the parents agreed to let us marry and say I wanted to go home to the adult. At that time I was extremely happy and reported that I was about to get a wife for my parents. When my family's car had just arrived at the gate, my whole family ran out but the girl didn't get off but only sat in the car House a few minutes, then turned the car head. I don't understand what's going on, I called H asked, why didn't she say it, it seemed to cry, h told my family too poor, not the subjects for the action Get married. I was too shocked with that crude saying but still tried to ask about the pregnancy? How did I tell her to let her be a single mother, but more to be poor
I told my girlfriend to want her to come to me so that the two children were together. But h said I followed me, I would cut aid, then it would be hungry, miserable, she couldn't stand it. I collapsed really, my wife and children were at hand and I couldn't keep it. General regulation only for poverty. How do people do people do to convince our parents to get us married? According to Dung Nguyen / Fatherland newspaper

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