My Sister Argued Her Mother Decided To Marry, Doubt After The Wedding, She Had To Run Home

From that day until now I texted, calling my sister, I didn't replicate in: 00/2: 14 nam nuns I have two sisters, my father died soon. Then my sister married, a man and I didn't like it at all. We recommend it forever. She went to the flower car, my mother worried about the intestine, only asking her to be happy to be happy. But right after the wedding several days, my sister ran home with the purple eye because he was hit by her husband

. Time has been five years ago, she went to work for the whole house, taking a small one and also mother-in-law. How much brother-in-law is grilled into drinking once. He treated his wife and was nothing, indicating a gruff, heartless, selfishness and still or beat his wife
The third day of her sister was beaten by her husband, then I was pregnant with my first child, I was pregnant Has advised her to leave him. I cried told that I didn't want my father missing. Then she continued to endure, giving birth to the first child and then took the second child, this year after year. In the last 5 years, the number of times when I and my mother advised her to divorce no longer counting, well Unreasonable statements The number of times she cried and tried to go home because she was treated badly by her husband. But no matter how much my mother and sister advised after crying, she continued to serve that silver man, listening to his words. I'm too hot? (Artwork) I don't understand my sister's thoughts. This time society had a very open view of divorce women. Saying for me, he doesn't have any responsibility for me. My grandchildren just saw my father afraid of cower, not daring to approach. She has just ran home in the state of a bruised cheek, crying with her mother
Looking at her mother's hair was white, she was too tired and helpless without knowing to comfort, advise her daughter anymore. Seeing that scene that I had just injured was angry, unwinding to slap her sister, and she wished she woke up. "She was right at all the medicine, like it to be with him and put it The two children come back here with their mother to feed. Being with the mother like you, they are also miserable. Don't go back here to cry so I have to bother more. "I said that and she was angry with it. From that day until now, I texted, calling nor didn't replicate. Am I too hot? I and I can't ignore her but don't know how to do it again. Please give me a advice? According to Giang Giang / Fatherland newspaper

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