My Spirit Diva Shared During The Translation Season: The Whole House Is Nearly The Amount Of Money Savings

'Two years around at home are hardly moving, do not go to teach, both pepper with the most of the saving copper', Diva My Linh share.02: 00/1: 43 Southern men's personalities, US Diva Linh has just been confided on her family's life in the episodes. The female singer writes: "Like everyone throughout Vietnam in this difficult period, his family is living in uneasy days. Everyday I don't like everyone at home listening to the disease news, self-telling At home to Yen, avoid meeting to hope to hope soon passes through ".diva is also frankly sharing about the family's financial situation:" Two years around at home are hardly moving, don't go to teach , the whole house also peppered nearly all the savings to maintain life and worry for their children without having to quit school so he understood every family now, is a common difficulty

. " Being optimistic, even in disadvantaged circumstances. Being an optimistic person should be difficult, My Linh still finds new directions. She confided, since Translation Covid-19 happens, the whole family tries to live simply
The female singer itself finds more income from teaching online, not going to sing Event, she returns to his song and sends it to the organizers to make an online event. The Ut My Anh's daughter found a joy in the work of leasing music. To the youngest, the sound of Ngoc Lan incense could not hide pride: "Thinking about the house with a karma, I feel grateful I found that I was enough to live very well, so I never dared to feel sad. Many people suffered, but they didn't have it yet, "- My Linh wrote. The singer messed up everyone:" We live in the cycle The winter of human life, is a difficult season but is also a preparation season, training body for spring will come later. It is determinable! It is a rule through the winter will be the early spring sunshine . Optimistic even in sad pain to wait spring back! Certain late soon spring will return ".Video: My new MV - My My LinhHoang Anh Diva

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