My Uncle

June 1966 Leave the old mother and relatives, put it on all the dreams of my young age: Do Van Cham in the sacred call of the Fatherland to contribute to the anti-US rescue .E Foreign me Tan Thanh commune, Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen. It is a peaceful life with honest, simple people that are always associated with rice fields, cassava and tea hills. February 1966 leaves the old mother and relatives, putting back all the dream of the dream of Young children: Do Van Cham in the sacred call of the Fatherland to contribute to the anti-US rescue. Entering the army, my boy was assigned to the 559th Division

. February 1971, Martyrs Do Van Cham sacrificed on the way to fight, sacrifice at the southern front and are located in the underground mother. .
If 1975 days of liberation of the South unified the country Northern South Sum meeting a house everyone was excited, but .... somewhat still have the same mothers like I'm still waiting for waiting for a look Magic of life, take you back to the outskirts and relatives ... Five months go away, we are born in the war to grow independently - freedom and happiness, impossible Understanding the war ..
. The foreign day I leave still tears in tears to hold everyone with the advice: "Try to find a martyr's Martyr's Tomb ...". But already, anyone expected that the depths of the spiritual world I went back, he was true in my dream, in my mind I couldn't imagine how your image was ... On July 27, 2005, for the first time in the National Martyrs Cemetery Truong Son (NTLS QG TS) held a scent and gratitude to the martyrs' heroes at night he had returned to the mileage where he was Location. Over the long way, my sisters have found a grave. On behalf of the foreign, for the mother and for the whole family they parked us to compress the fragrant incense on the grave of him, one afternoon in the middle of the school paint Dai thousand without a fenced leaf without a bird sounding all , All like sinking into nothingness. Happy because of how much you find a grave but so much when on the gravesten is "Doctor Do Van Cham died on 19.2.1971". Our sisters jointly burned the incense to 77 the remaining nervous graves that painfully painful, when my boy and her guys were given here because the country was sacrificed but it was named 78 tombs, 78 souls are lonely alone with the memorial beer (later through Ho Duc Ai Chairman of Truong Son Management Committee, I learned 1 of 78 uncle in this Christmas area The person who is gathered hero) ... Time to go away by our family has sent a lot of applications to the responsible agencies who want to return the correct name to my martyr's martyrs (notice death) But there is no reply.BIA tomb "Doctor Do Van Cham died on 19.2.1971" at LSQG Truong Son Cemetery in 5/2009 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of 559 Union was held at NTLSQG Truong Son , I entered my brother's flavor to speak on VTV1 wave (1 special program) then after 2 weeks my brother was "returned to Martyrs Do Van Tau in April 1966 Unit H 559 HY born On 19.2.1971 ". On July 27, 2009 once again, the Labor Newspaper No. 168/2009 had a post about the nemators in the Cemetery of Truong Son Martyrs: It should be clarified for the supervisor in Martyrs Cemetery QG Truong Son ( Martyrs Do Van Cham is the first case of minh oan. Prepare to relocate the grave of Martyrs Do Van Cham from the Martial Arts Area to the Martyrs of Thai Nguyen Province - Bac Kan. Family martyrs to burn the Fatherland flavor, then once again, I'm home again. Its embodiment is a yellow butterfly, black and I just said you sacred to ask you to put you on the shoulder of each person in my family from old to children and the outside. So that butterflies have passed their mother's shoulders, the role of the children of children 13 people all (in addition, 3 uncle represented the Party Committee, People's Committee, People's Council, and the Veterans of Tan Thanh commune). My mother said it was true that he led her to the grave of him, but that butterfly went before my mother and the whole group of 2 steps, crossing the martyrs of Hanoi, down the slope to the road, crossing the grave of Ha Nam Ninh Province, to the memorial area parked in the right grave of Master Doctor Do Van Cham.The Martyr's Martyr's Martyr's Martyr's Martyr's Martyrs in Truong Son Truong Thousand, after the petals 4 The fragrant season mixed with Huong Linh of more than 10,000 heroes martyrs who sacrificed the whole year of spring of this life for this non-river, this country forever existed schools. Replace the gratitude of the family Do in Tan Thanh - Phu Binh -Thai Nguyen, we apply to compress the fragrance on the grave of you: Martyrs Do Van Chan in particular and the heroic martyrs in general, please leave Resting on eternity. Once again my family would like to thank the sectoral departments that facilitate help ./. (Posts

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