Myanmar Military Cars Rushed Into Protesters That Killed 5 People

In the morning of December 5, a military car plunged into the delusor in Yangon in Myanmar, causing at least 5 people to die and many others were injured in: 00/1: 37 namtheo media Myanmar, the Witnesses at the scene said that when the group was conducting anti-military government protests in Yangon, suddenly had a small military car that rushed into the group. The incident made at least 5 people died and many others were injured. The protester in Yangon. Photo: EPA-EFEduarded by witnesses, when the demanic protesters went down to a few minutes, the car rushed towards them. In addition to rushing the car into the protest group, the soldiers also opened fire and arrested 10 people

. Another protest was held in the afternoon also in the largest city of Myanmar, Yangon despite increasing violence. The protest of the anti-military government Myanmar was held just before the court of the water This issue a judgment on the first allegation in a series of allegations with Aung San Suu Kyi, former state advisor, who was caught after the political event in February this year.After the event 1 / 2, protests opposed the military government consecutively broke out in Myanmar with bloody violence
There were about 1,200 people killed in clashes between the army and protest groups. The Myanmar military government has not yet spoken about the violence mentioned above. The previous Myanmar team confirmed that the protesters were killed by the violence and the government of San Suu Kyi Winning in a fraudulent election. Adult with bloody violence, the situation in Myanmar continues to be unstable when the country's troops are facing ethnic minority rebel groups in border areas. These clashes make tens of thousands of people who have to go evacuated according to the United Nations estimates. PV / VOV-Bangkok

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