Mysterious Beautiful Coffin Contains Mummy Female Singer Egypt With Tragic Fate

The 2.700-year-old coffin contains a mummy of an ancient Egyptian church that has never been opened with a tragic fate when he has to remain forgiven and finally burned down in the countryside land. 00/3: 32 nuns of the beautiful coffin containing ancient Egyptian singer mummy before being burned down. According to Acient Pages, in 1875, Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro II (1825-1891) visited Egypt and When I returned, was given an ISMail Pasha king to a beautiful mummy of the church singer and monk named Sha-amun-en-su as a gift. This coffin has never been opened and extremely precious and extremely lovingly, enthusiastically, ancient Egyptian history and culture, Emperor Dom Pedro II has taken this 2,700-year-old coffin to São Palace His cristóvão - where it is exhibited until 1889

.Where is alive, Sha-Amun-en-su is an important member of Egyptian society. Beautiful and beautiful honorable items have been placed inside the coffin to accompany the ancient singer in the journey to the other world that has proven that.Sha-Amun-en-su was born Around 800 in BC, live in the 22nd of the 22nd of the ancient Egypt
According to the hierogardiography on the coffin, Sha-amun-en-su is a "heset", meaning "singer" . There is a pictogram on her coffin revealing that she is the "daughter of a singer of Amun Temple". She lives in the period of the 22nd of Egypt by Pharaoh Shishak (Sheshonq I) ruled. Members of Heset are female singer and nuns at Amun Temple. They keep the responsibility to celebrate the gods and goddesses. In rituals and festivals, Sha-Amun-en-Su performs ritual functions and singing hymns to honor Amun.Sha-Amun-en-su is a member of "Heset" - Female The singer and nun at Amun Temple. Don't know when, where and who excavated the coffin of Sha-Amun-en-su. Only knew that the coffin of ancient singer was found somewhere near theBes, but the exact position could not be determined. There is also no information about the family of Sha-amun-en-su, but a line on the coffin has revealed she has a daughter raised
There is no other information about Sha-amun-en -su because her coffin has never been opened. Scientists can only study coffins outside and conduct some mummies inside with X-ray technology before the coffin is destroyed.Theo, the mummy of Sha-amun-en -su seems to be preserved in good condition, without injury or injury. This shows that Sha-Amun-en-su died of natural causes at age 50. Sha-amun-en-su has intact teeth. The ancient singer's throat was covered with a plastic wrap to protect the throat to ensure that she could still continue singing the hymns in the following lives. In the number of honored artifacts of Sha-amun -En-su has a beautiful heartbug that is made of blue stone with a carved name of her name. The lecture lines reveals the name and title of Sha-amun-en-su on the coffin. The first ancient Egyptian singer "in distress" was due to a storm when it was displayed in Brazilian São Cristóvão Palace. The coffin was blown off by the wind. It fell and stabbed the window of Emperor Dom Pedro II.After that, the coffin was corrected, but could not be completely as original. By 1889, the coffin was transferred to the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro to be displayed and studied for many years. But on September 2, 2018, a big fires burned down Rio National Museum De Janeiro. Sha-amun-en-su's coffin, mysterious ancient female singer mummy and all her gold artifacts were burned by the fire. For historians, archeology and People who are interested in ancient Egyptian history, this is a sad day because a masterpiece has disappeared and all the mysteries about unexplored decades are also buried forever. Tuantheo Acient Pages

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