Mysterious Causes Really Makes America Press Ukraine To Remove Tu-160 Squadron

Many Ukraine's ultra-160 super-strategic bombers have been destroyed in the Nuclear Weapon Program, but what is the real cause? Military Watch magazine of America recently published articles, In which explains some issues involved in eliminating troops in the early years of the post-Soviet period. They offer remarkable judgments to explain why after the Soviet Union disintegrates, Western tries Try to remove the entire TU-160 strategy bombing squadron "white swan" remaining in Ukraine in a short time. The first time announced that the job on the weapons traction program Nuclear, ie destroying both vehicles with bullets with warheads, this is a common and unworthy step to wonder. But the US newspaper declares the main purpose of the West to avoid so China grasp Important Soviet technology, thereby creating a strategic bomber carrying its own missiles. "After Ukraine inherited 19 war bombers In the TU-160 by the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there are many risks of Beijing will receive the most important technologies to make this muscle bombing, so it is necessary to quickly act, "Military Watch stressed

. With indirectly on such a threat to be taken as an example, the main example of Varyag aircraft carrier sell is incomplete, as well as a T-10K flagship fighter prototype. Chinese experts have their first carrier called Liaoning and then they built the J-15 almost the same as Su-33.Add's said: "All efforts to limit The technology transfer can create a strategic bomber for China by the US with allies to do, which has led to the elimination of Ukraine's Tu-160 squadron "
Experts believe that the above explanations can be close to the truth if they happen not around the 1990s, at least a decade later. Because this time for the United States, potentialBeijing's economy and military also limited and "Chinese threat" is not "publicized" authorities like today. Many politicians in Washington and Nato are afraid that armed forces Russia can quickly restore military potential and unified the new republics declared independence. So it is difficult to affirm the statement in the American media is consistent, that white swans Shortened for metal for reason for preventing Ukraine to sell them to China. The batch with the TU-160s above. A few more lucky aircraft is handed over to the Russian Federation as a form of payment of old debts and the above fighters still holds the position Worthy of the combat composition of Russian aerospace forces.Theo Viet Dung / ANTĐ

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