Mysterious Decoding ‘the Most Scary Suicide Forest In The World

Besides the great scenes, Japan also contains many mysteries without answers. One of them must include Aokigahara Suicide Forest 100 km away from Tokyo 100 km.0: 00/0: 00 South "Suicide Forest" is officially called "Aokigahara" located in the northwest of the rich range The ward of Yamanashi province, has an area of about 3,500 ha. This place is also known as "Jukai", meaning "sea tree", because the image of moving trees in this dense forest shall evoke the sea. However, in a few decades ago, people often mentioned the forest with a creepy name "Suicide Forest" (Jisatsu No Mori)

. The most common method is hanging on branches old tree. Many corpses are found when only the skeleton and clothes are available outside. Some other bodies are close to each other or only private without finding corpses
In Aokigahara, before, every year, it was only 100 suicide of suicide, so that Aokigahara was reluctant to hold the second place in the ranking of the most mortar sites in the world. Why are the bad people who choose Aokigahara as a last resting place? (Photo: The Japan Times) affected by the spiritual element (Shinto) is Japanese indigenous religion. Japanese people always bring deep respect for nature, habitat of gods. In addition, traditional mountains are said to be the gate to heaven, and with the Fuji is a deeply worshiped mountain, many Japanese people have seen this forest - a place adjacent to the sacred mountain - Making "Perfect place to die". "Being" vians by literary works in 1960, writer Seicho Matsumoto launched the novel called "Nami no tou" - wave tower, in which a couple love each other has ended his life in this forest. The book has created a suicide wave in the Aokigahara forest. Many people have waved here to end their lives. (Photo: Bored Panda) The forest was also described in another book by the author Wataru Tsurumi titled "Kanzen Jisatsu Manyuaru" - Complete Handbook Tuning about suicide, provides readers all different methods to commit suicide. Wataru Tsurumi described Aokigahara as the perfect place to die. In the book, the author explains how to drive to the forest, as well as suicide in any area will not be found
The book once became the best-selling book in Japan and was found besides many bodies in the forest. The sound of the forest of psychologists after the psychological analysis of suicide cases failed The forest, the cases of finding this place to be exactly because they believe that the fact that this will be able to die completely without being seen by anyone. A lucky victim is rescued from negative thoughts when each Entering the forest has told that the reason Aokigahara is the "perfect" place to enter the other side of that party is Aokigahara with strange "attractive". They think that he will have a relief death, not bothered here. Finding the same place to die will make them a group and can share the same place together. It sounds scary but this is true in this country.Cersei (synthesis)

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